Forum Mod

The Adidas Forum Mod is a contemporary take on the classic Adidas Forum line, which first made its debut in the basketball courts of the 1980s. Today’s Forum Mod retains the retro vibes but introduces modern design elements and technologies to meet the needs of current lifestyles. The shoe often features low and high-top design, which is a nod to its basketball heritage, while updated materials and cushioning technologies bring it into the present.

Key elements often include a comfortable padded collar, an adjustable ankle strap for a secure fit, and a blend of premium leather and textiles to offer both durability and a stylish aesthetic. The sole is designed to provide optimum grip, whether you’re on the court or the streets. All these features are wrapped up in a design that pays homage to the original Forum, making the Forum Mod a perfect fusion of classic style and modern functionality.

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