How to wear Nike Air Force 1 with Jeans

The Nike Air Force 1 is the original basketball shoe, designed by Bruce Kilgore it is undoubtedly one of the most iconic shoes in existence. In this article we will take a deep dive into how to wear the Nike Air Force 1 with Jeans as well as looking at some other key styling options.

Originally bursting onto the scene back in 1982 the AF1 has been insanely successful and pretty much killed it every year since. In 2020 it was the best selling sneaker in the world, almost 4 decades after their initial release.  It is likely that your Father or possibly even Grandfather wore this sneaker at some point in their lives. 

Since first landing there have been multiple versions of them that keep on building the commercial success. However, the most iconic pair remains the original all-white Air Force 1

With so many ways to style your fits these days confusion is bound to happen. Therefore we have compiled some essential rules you MUST follow before wearing any sneaker, but specifically Air Force 1. Any sneaker enthusiast should be well aware of these rules. Additionally we have also compiled some outfit ideas and accessories that can help you create your perfect look.

How To Pair your AF1’s

Loose Fit Jeans:  

Nike Air Force One‘s are quite bulky shoes and consequently they pair well with loose fit pants and shirts. Skinny fit pants also go great, but usually if you’re tall. Yes! Height plays a role in styling your AF1’s.

If you are of short to medium height, then you should pair your AF1’s with loose fit pants, but if you are tall then you can easily pull off skinny fit denim with AF1.

The reason for this is that AF1 will make your feet look bigger and skinny fit pants make short legs more noticeable. This combination doesn’t work well together.

Tapered Jeans

How you style your bottom half is crucial in pulling off an AF1. A minimalistic, yet chic way is wearing them with tapered jeans. This gives a break between your shoes and jeans which lets your trainers speak for themselves.

You can fill the gap with funky or plain crew socks. Wearing socks pulls your outfit together well. Pairing with upper options such as hoodies or letterman jackets is great for winter or just overall streetwear vibes.

Cargo pants and sweatpants are better alternatives here. As they mostly have slightly looser fittings that don’t overcrowd your look.

White On White:

There are many different variations and colors available for the AF1 out there but white on white remains the ultimate classic look. When you go white on white your giving off both a casual but sophisticated look.

To mix things up you can also sport a beanie with neutral colours to add some zest to your outfit.


Shorts with a loose hoodie or tee are a good option if you need to make a quick run to the grocery store or to a friends house.

Of course they look super casual and feel very comfortable. I usually pair mine with a white shirt, grey shorts and an all black AF1. I also like to wear funky socks, especially when my outfit has no bright colour. This easily becomes a perfect everyday outfit.

You can also consider sporting this look with colourful jersey shorts.


Another reason for AF1’s huge success is its flexibility in being both casual and formal. You can easily pair them with a formal suit or a pair of smart trousers, looking dapper whilst also maintaining that comfort balance.

Make sure the tailoring of your suit is modern. The pants should not have creases in between nor should they fall below the ankle. Rather, they should be perfectly fitted down to the ankle.

At all costs avoid any colourful pair of sneakers, as you don’t want to go overboard with the combination of casual and formal.

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Clean it:

The best thing you can do to destroy your look is wearing dirty shoes, especially triple white Air Force 1s. Air Forces are not particularly high maintenance. A damp cloth will easily clean them. However if you haven’t cleaned them in a long time, the process will be a bit different.  

All you need are a handful of items, which are easily available in your house.

·         Dry soft-bristle brush

·         Mild laundry detergent or hand wash

·         Warm water

·         Air Dryer

Make sure that you scrub well with the brush so no dirt is visible, using the chemicals. Clean down the inside of your trainers. Make sure to clean the sole of your shoe especially if you own the all white Air Force 1‘s. The dirt on the sole will become more visible if you have only cleaned the upper part, making you look very untidy.  So gather some energy and make those trainers look crisp and clean.

If you’re unsure what to clean your creps with, you can’t go to far wrong with either the Liquidproof Labs Footwear & Fashion kit or the Crep Protect Cure Care Kit

Fix Those Creases:

The creases take away the shine and sophistication of the shoe leaving it with quite a shabby look. There are many ways to avoid creases such as using a sneaker shield

You can buy them at a reasonable price from various place or even make one yourself! Other than that, ironing your sneakers with care ought to remove those creases. 

When ironing BE CAREFUL though, lots of people stuff papers inside the shoe during this process. They do this to avoid burning the trainers. A better way is to stuff a towel in, which will fill more space and remove the creases more easily leaving you less likely to burn your creps.

Does the Nike Air Force 1 fit true to size?

Compared to other Nike shoes the Air Force 1 is roomier. For this reason we usually go down a size or maybe half a size, for a better fit.

The more fitted they are to your feet, the better they will look. 

If you have bought true to your size you may feel your AF1 is a bit large. Purchase an insole to fix this issue up.

Tie Them Loose:

Many people rock their Air Force 1‘s with their laces very tightly. That not only brings down their style but also makes the trainers crease harder.

We suggest keeping those laces relaxed and loose so they give off a casual vibe. The best way is to loosen up the laces and then tie a swift bow. This gives a tied yet untied look, which is breezy and comfortable.

You can also leave the laces hanging out without tying them but many people find that uncomfortable or too loose. 

What we do is loosen up the lace from the middle of the last eyelet and then tuck that excess under the tongue of my shoe. I loosen them until the part hanging out is not touching the floor. This helps make sure you don’t trip up and gives an effortlessly cool look. 

After taking care of these essentials you can now crack on with wearing and styling your AF1’s. These shoes go with almost everything, but some extra added care can instantly elevate your look.


Air Force 1s are the ultimate clean-cut yet cool trainers to add to your wardrobe rotation. The AF1 will transform any casual outfit into a classic look. They are a timeless classic pair of creps, essential for any rotation.

Where to Buy?

Shop the biggest variety of Nike Air Force 1 from the following retailers: