What are the Best New Balance Skate Shoes?

Even though New Balance came slightly later into the market than the likes of Nike, Vans, DC, Emerica and ES, New Balance are stamping their authority in the market year on year. With the New Balance Skate collection growing rapidly, we think it’s about time some answered the question: Which New Balance shoes are best for skating in?

There has been so much confusion among people about how to find the best New Balance skate shoe.  For that reason, we test-drove four of the biggest NB silhouettes, to help you decide for yourself as to which is the best silhouette for you.

New Balance All Coasts 210

The New Balance All Coasts 210 is a solid choice of skate shoe in the NB locker. Clean cut design on a matte finish

Materials used:

The upper of the shoes feature a unique blend of canvas and suede. This combination is perfect as it won’t make the shoes too soft or too stiff. Instead, the shoes are ideally soft and ideally stiff to make them perfect for skating in.

The upper makes the shoes flexible and the canvas material offers the perfect breathability. As to ensure that your feet are always dry even after long skating sessions.

We like the lacing system of the shoes. It ensures a snug fit all around the foot. The shoes have eight eyelets, which cover the whole foot to make them ideal for wide feet.

The firm rubber sole is another impressive feature in the New Balance All Coasts 210. It is thick with an excellent traction pattern that provides the perfect grip.


The soft canvas upper provides flexibility and movement inside the shoes, making your feet comfortable. Similarly, the Fresh Foam inserts offer increased comfort and enhanced stability to your feet while skating.

A good choice as a skate shoe or for the street.


  • The New Balance All Coasts 210 is flexible and provides a fantastic board feel.
  • It is a great everyday sneaker due to its clean design.
  • Good cushioning underfoot for stability and comfort.
  • Usually available between £35 and £60


  • The toe box is not that roomy.

Final verdict:

The New Balance All Coasts 210 is a good choice to rock whether skating or now. The cushioned insoles and solid rubber sole offer stability and support, and the flexible upper make it long-lasting pair that will take a lot of beating.

Where to buy: New Balance

The New Balance All Coasts 210 is the perfect pair of skate shoes that every sports-lover will crave. The matte finish makes the design elegant and attractive. 

New Balance Numeric 379

The New Balance Numeric 379 is also a fair choice to skate in or for daily use out of the park. The OG silhouette in the skateboarding collection, customized by two champions of skateboarding, Margielyn Didel and Jack Hayes.

Materials used:

The shoes’ upper consists of high-quality and durable suede and textile. Designed with a perfect finish to add a sleek look. Similarly, the stitching on the upper makes it durable and long-lasting. The upper is elastic and offers ventilation while skating.

The lacing system of these skate shoes consists of six eyelets, which allow you to adjust the fit as needed,

The impressive part of these low-top skate shoes is the vulcanized rubber outsole. It allows excellent traction and provides a decent board feel, keeping your board close to foot when you need it.


The New Balance Numeric 379 is also comfortable aside looking bang on. As they are specifically made for skateboarding, the rubber outsole has herringbone tread for a comfortable and safe ride.

Similarly, the cushioning system has been thought through by skateboarding experts. The padded footbed offers extra support and superior comfort. The wear-resistant polyurethane insert protects you from weather impacts and keeps you stable on any surface.

As you would expect, you can cop the Numeric 379 in loads of colourways and designs with new drops coming out regularly. The upper and outsole are also highly durable. Not to mention, the classic midsole offers flexibility to wear daily.


  • The shoes are highly comfortable as they require little need for a break-in period.
  • The heel cup is supportive and the rubber material makes it durable.
  • The deconstructed suede upper also offers breathability. 


  • The shoes are wide, so they might not be suitable for people with very narrow feet.
  • The insole may feel slightly stiff underfoot.

Final verdict:

Equipped with extra style and comfort, the New Balance Numeric 379 are highly durable and supportive shoes with more than sufficient cushioning inside. Besides, the upper is perfectly crafted and the rubber outsole provides excellent traction as well as board feel. A good buy, priced between £50 – £80.

Where to buy: New Balance

New Balance Numeric 306:

Like other New Balance skate shoes, the Numeric 306 shoes come with a simple and elegant design but with a bit more detailing on the upper than the previous two styles. The fine stitching gives them that extra pop. These shoes are the favourite of the famous skateboarder, Jamie Foy.

Materials used:

The mesh panels of these shoes make them highly durable and give a delicate touch to the upper. The upper is made of suede, which is the standard material in New Balance skate shoes. The suede is highly durable with a perfect and smooth finish.

The suede upper is further lined with rubber underlays. They provide a stiff and solid feel inside the shoe. Although the upper consists of rubber, the tongue and mesh lining ensure breathability.

The lacing system of these low-profile skate shoes consists of several lace columns. So, you can get the desired fit despite the width of your feet.

Similarly, the vulcanized rubber sole is firm and rigid and provides an excellent grip on the board. The shoe features a sole that is thick which improves flexibility. Crafted with a traction pattern which enhances its versatility.


The cushioning of the New Balance Numeric 306 offers maximum comfort while skateboarding. The primary cushioning element is the foam sock liner. The vulcanized sole and sock liner combine comfort and board feel to make your ride fun and smooth.

The sock liner is thick and provides a soft feel in the heel. The cupsole also enhances the support and stability of the shoes. The cushioning makes the shoes highly responsive and enhances your skateboarding experience.


  • The low-profile silhouette looks attractive and clean.
  • The shoes are super-comfortable and responsive.
  • The upper is durable to make the shoes handle excessive wear and tear.


  • They aren’t true to size, so you might need to order half a size up.
  • They feel stiff in the beginning, so can take a while to break in.

Final verdict:

If you are looking for durable and robust skate shoe, the New Balance Numeric 306 is highly recommended. The durable upper is made to last even after excessive beating. The comfortable cushioning and rubber outsole providing a smooth and stable ride.

Where to buy: New Balance

New Balance All Coasts 574

With its robust design and great series of colourways, the New Balance All Coasts 574 is a real all rounder from New Balance built off the success of the timeless New Balance 574 lifestyle shoe. A favourite by skateboard legend Brandon Westgate, who can usually be seen rocking a pair.

Materials used:

The upper of the New Balance All Coasts 574 shoes features a combination of mesh and suede. This combination works as it makes the skate shoes soft and breathable. The padding inside and several breathable sections on the upper keeps your feet relaxed and ventilated throughout the day.

These All Coasts 574 carries a traditional lacing system consisting of five eyelets. Although the eyelets are few, the shoes’ shape adapts to every foot. The shoe provides a snug fit while allowing movement inside.

The thick outsole of the New Balance All Coasts 574 features durable rubber, which offers a grippy board feel along with maximum comfort.


The best part of the New Balance All Coasts 574 shoes is their cushioning. The REVlite midsole offers superior comfort and responsiveness to make your skateboard ride uncompromised. The traction pattern on the outsole ensures the perfect grip.

The shoes have optimum arch support. This makes them ideal for all feet. The ankle collar and tongue are also generously padded to make them forgiving over repeated use.

Both the footbed and heel cup provide extra comfort which is why we usually why we recomend this pair out of the four mentioned. But ultimately the choice is yours.


  • The shoes have a solid construction with an elegant design.
  • The shoes are flexible and feel solid while wearing.
  • The fit and cushioning of the shoes are excellent.


  • They run half a size smaller.

Overall Winner: New Balance All Coasts 574

Whilst we’ve selected our top four picks from the wide New Balance Skateboarding range. The New Balance All Coasts 574 is probably the pair that combines style, comfort and price. ith an excellent cushioning system and durability to withstand endless beating. Good for skating in and for the street, this would most likely be our go to pair if we could only chose one!

Where to buy: New Balance

Frequently Asked Questions

Are New Balance shoes good for skateboarding?

New Balance has a fantastic collection of shoes specifically meant for skateboarding. All of its skate shoes have high-quality materials with a good amount of cushioning. If you want durable skate shoes that can also be worn on the street, we recommend the All Coasts and the Numeric ranges.

Can you skate in running shoes?

When several brands have skate collections, it is better to use skate shoes for skateboarding. If you want to skateboard once, it is okay to wear running shoes. However, we do not recommend skateboarding regularly in running shoes.

Are New Balance skate shoes worth the money?

Generally New Balance skateboarding shoes are priced very competitively. Their shoes feature premium-quality durable uppers and soles with optimum cushioning. Whislt not the cheapest in the market, they are reasonably priced and worn by some of the biggest names in the skateboarding industry.