Best Nike Shoes For Walking And Standing All Day

When it comes to choosing a pair of sneakers for walking in or standing in for long periods of time there are many factors that need to be considered. However, if you’re stood in them all day, the most important factor has to be every day comfort. You want to be able to walk around all day without having to worry about pain or discomfort, whilst also maximising that steez.

To prevent injuries, you should wear a good pair of trainers with lightweight cushioning that are designed with comfort in mind. Selecting the right pair of lightweight shoes with the right supportive cushioning is essential to keeping you on your feet without pain.

 In this article, we will provide a detailed look at the best Nike shoes for walking and standing all day.

What to consider when shopping for a pair shoes for standing or walking in all day

1) Know your foot size

The most important thing when buying any shoe is choosing the correct size. You need to know your feet size before you start shopping. There are two ways to determine this; either by measuring your feet or by looking at the size chart on the label. If you want to measure yourself, then use a tape measure to take the length of your foot from the tip of your longest toe to the end of your smallest toe. Write down the measurement and compare it with the size chart provided on the label. If the numbers match, then you have chosen the right size. However, if they do not match, then you should go ahead and buy the next larger size.

2) Check the weight

Another important factor that you must consider while selecting a comfortable shoe is their weight. A heavy shoe will cause discomfort after prolonged periods of wearing. Therefore, make sure that the shoes you purchase are light enough so that they don’t weigh too much on your feet. Also, look for shoes with a low profile because these types of shoes provide better support than high-profile shoes.

3) Look for supportive features

If you’re going to spend hours on your feet every day, then you need to ensure that the shoes you wear offer adequate support. Look for shoes that include an arch support system, especially if you suffer from flat feet. These types of shoes help to reduce pain caused by poor posture and excessive pressure on the arches of the feet. They also prevent injuries arising from overuse.

4) Consider comfort

When purchasing a new pair of shoes, always try them on first and see how comfortable they feel. Where possible go with extra cushioning, if they are uncomfortable, then you can easily return them and get a refund. On the other hand, if they fit well and are provide adequate cushioning, then you can keep them without worrying about whether they’ll last longer.

5) Consider style

This is subjective, but of course, you should always pay attention to the design of the shoe. Some people prefer simple designs while others love standing out. Whatever type of silhouette you decide to buy, make sure that they suit your personality.

6) Buy quality

Finally, you should never compromise on quality just because you can save money by doing so. Quality shoes tend to last longer and give you more value for your money. So, always opt for good quality products when you shop online and prioritise high quality materials.

Why choose Nike over other brands?

Nike trainers are amongst the most popular footwear in the world. Their popularity comes from their large collection of shoes for every occasion, their well known quality standards, and their long history of making comfortable footwear. People who use them daily swear by their brand and wouldn’t wear any others. Nike is the king of sneakers!

There are several different types of Nike shoes available on the market today built for a broad broad range of purposes. These include running shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes, hiking boots, lifestyle shoes etc. Each type has its own specific purpose. Some are designed specifically for walking, running or standing all day long, while others are more suited to casual wear.

In this article we will discuss some of the best Nike options for both standing and walking.

The Top Five Best Nike Shoes For Standing All Day

best nike shoes for walking

1) Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoe

The Revolution 5 offers excellent cushioning and stability for those who stand all day long. It is made using advanced technologies like Flywire cables and Dynamic Support System which provide superior support and stability. The Revolution 5 also features a breathable mesh upper which allows air to circulate freely around the foot and keeps it dry at all times. A very well priced choice that keeps your feet cool whilst ensuring optimal comfort.

RRP: £49.95

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2) Nike Free Run 2 

This is another popular model of Nike running shoes. They feature a lightweight design which makes them easy to run in. The upper consists of synthetic materials which provide excellent ventilation. The material used in the construction of the shoe is flexible so they mould to your foot perfectly. The cushioning is provided by a soft EVA foam midsole. The forefoot area of the shoe is covered by a thin layer of TPU which reduces friction when you’re running. The outsole is made from durable rubber which gives the shoe excellent traction and grip.

RRP: £99.95

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3) Nike Zoom Vaporfly 

These are a new generation of Nike running shoes which were released in 2017. They feature a unique Flywire technology which provides extra support and stability. The upper consists of a combination of nylon and mesh materials. The mesh provides excellent ventilation and breathability. The Flywire cables are located at the sides of the shoe. They help to stabilize the weight of the shoe and reduce slippage during high-intensity activities. The midsole is constructed using PU foam which provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption. The outsole is also made from PU foam which helps to improve the overall traction and grip of the shoe.

RRP: £249.95

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4) Nike React Running Range

This is another new generation of Nike running shoe. Debuted in 2015 the react running range features a revolutionary Lunarlon cushioning system which provides excellent comfort. The upper consists of two parts; a mesh part which provides ventilation and a synthetic part which provides durability and strength. The midsole is composed of a mixture of PU foam and Lunarlon cushioning gel. The outsole is constructed from a durable rubber compound. This provides excellent traction and grip on various surfaces.

RRP: Various

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5) Nike Hyperdunk Low

The Nike Hyperdunk is one of the most comfortable models of Nike basketball shoes that you can get. Its upper consists of a combination leather and textile material. The upper acts as a protective shield against impact forces. The midsole is made up of a combination of cushioning foam and PU foam. The outsole is a composite of a hard rubber compound and a soft rubber compound. Both compounds work together to give you excellent traction and grip as well as giving incredible cushioning.

RRP: £90

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The Top Five Best Nike Shoes For Walking in All Day

1) Nike React Miler 2

This is one of Nike’s best selling running shoes. Very light weight at only 350 grams. It features a seamless upper which consists of durable synthetic materials that make it resistant to wear and tear. The midsole is designed to absorb shocks and prevent injuries while running. The outsole uses a dual density rubber compound that provides excellent traction and grip in different conditions.

RRP: £114.99

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 2) Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2

This is a popular Nike running shoe that is now less common online but extremely comfortable. Eeleased back in 2012, It has a sleek knitted look, weighs only 320 grams and features a breathable mesh upper which allows sweat vapor to escape. The upper consists of three layers including a sock liner, a mesh and a synthetic outer shell. The midsole is equipped with a responsive Phylon midsole which absorbs shocks and prevents injuries. The outsole uses an ultra-thin Phylon midsole.

RRP: £63

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3) Nike Air Monarch IV

It is a classic model in Nike footwear line up. The Air Monarch, AKA the classic Nike Dad shoe was first introduced in 1992. A reasonably lightweight option that offers great comfort. The upper material is made from leather and synthetic materials. It is equipped with a removable orthotic insert which can be replaced if needed. The midsole is made from EVA foam which gives good cushioning and shock absorption properties. The outsole is made from a durable rubber compound which provides excellent traction and grip.

RRP: £54.95

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4) Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

This is a classic model in the Nike footwear line up. Its release date is unknown but it is believed to have been released in the late 1980s or early 1990s. It is available in several color options like black, silver, white, red, green, yellow etc. It is lightweight with maximum breathability. The upper material is constructed from textile and synthetic materials. It also includes a removable orthotic insert. The midsole is built using a combination of polyurethane foam and ethyl vinyl acetate . The outsole is made of a durable rubber compound which ensures excellent traction and grip. It also helps in reducing foot fatigue during long distance runs.

RRP: £109.95

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5) Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit

This is another modern classic from the Nike footwear lineup. Originally released in 2020 to quickly become one of Nike’s most acclaimed running shoes. Featuring a lightweight, a soft inner lining. The upper material is manufactured using a mixture of synthetic and textiles. It also includes a flexible internal heel counter. The midsole is constructed using a combination of Phylon and Polyester foam. This provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption. The outsole uses dual density rubber compound which provides excellent flexibility and durability.

RRP: £144.95

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Final Thoughts

Buying a good pair of shoes is one of the most important purchases you can make, especially if you’re spending most of your days standing or walking. For maximum comfort and stability for long days on foot, we recommend using any of the above mentioned pairs or as a rule of thumb, selecting a pair from the Nike React or Nike Pegasus Running range at Nike. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best walking shoes for flat feet

The best walking shoes for flat foot are those with a flexible sole and a wide toe box. These types of shoes allow the toes to move freely inside the shoe, unlike the rigid ones which cause pain and discomfort.

If you’re looking for a shoe that provides stability and comfort, then consider buying a pair of running shoes. 

What are the best Waterproof Nike walking shoes?

The best waterproof Nike walking shoes are the ones that are made from Gore-Tex materials. These shoes are designed for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and other water related activities. They are also great for everyday use since they are durable and comfortable.

What are best shoes for walking all day?

The best shoes for walking all-day are those that offer great support and protection while still being light enough to walk in comfortably. They should be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. A good pair of shoes will last longer when they are well fitted and correctly sized. You should always try on shoes before buying them so that you know how they fit and feel. If you are looking for a new pair of trainers then check our guide.  

Are Nike Air Force 1 shoes good for walking?

In 1985, Nike introduced the Air Jordan 1 basketball shoe for Michael Jordan. It was originally made for basketball but quickly became popular on the street. The shoe has been an icon throughout history but is not the best choice when trying to walk long distances. While they may be comfortable, durable, and stylish, they’re actually quite heavy and not ideal for longer walks.

Which shoe is better for walking, Nike or Skechers?

Nike is known as the king of running shoes and has been producing footwear since 1964 and has become synonymous with fitness and sports. They’ve created some of the greatest athletes ever, like Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Tiger Woods. They have won numerous awards over the years and continue to lead the way in terms of innovation.

On the other hand, Skechers shoes are less expensive than Nike’s but don’t necessarily carry the same degree of recognition. Although are widely recognised as a good walking trainer we would never recommend them over the swoosh brand.