Y-3 Gendo

The Y-3 Gendo Superstar emerges as a bold testament to the ongoing collaboration between adidas and Yohji Yamamoto, marrying the iconic adidas Superstar silhouette with a forward-thinking design approach. This sneaker marks a significant leap in the Y-3 line, showcasing an innovative spirit that pushes the envelope of traditional sneaker design. The design’s cornerstone is a fully hollow TPU plate, an audacious exploration of negative space and elevation, drawing from a Japanese aesthetic that finds profound meaning in emptiness. Engraved with Yohji Yamamoto’s signature, the plate brings a unique personal touch that coexists with the Superstar’s timeless features, like the rubber shell toe.

Equipped with a lace closure, the Y-3 Gendo boasts a leather upper that promises durability and style, paired with a leather and suede lining for a touch of luxury and comfort. The sneaker’s foundation is an EVA midsole, offering lightweight cushioning, complemented by a TPU midsole plate and a polyurethane outsole that challenge conventional sneaker aesthetics with their architectural quality.

First unveiled at a Yohji Yamamoto runway show, the Y-3 Gendo sneaker boldly experiments with the concept of negative space, featuring a progressive silhouette that encapsulates the fusion of Yamamoto’s visionary design philosophy with adidas’s sportswear innovation. This silhouette is not just a sneaker but a pinnacle expression of the collaboration’s aesthetic, blending performance technology with high fashion.

The Y-3 Gendo Superstar is more than a piece of footwear; it’s a statement piece that represents the pinnacle of collaborative design between adidas and Yohji Yamamoto. For those who appreciate the intersection of iconic style and avant-garde innovation, this sneaker is an essential addition to any collection, embodying the spirit of experimentation and the evolution of sneaker culture.

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