AdiFOM Supernova

The Supernova line is known for high-performance running shoes that often feature Boost cushioning for exceptional energy return and comfort. These shoes are usually designed with a focus on long-distance running and offer excellent durability and stability.

Introducing Adifom technology into the Supernova line would imply an additional layer of comfort and support. Adifom is generally engineered to provide enhanced arch support and cushioning. This combination would likely make the Adifom Supernova an exceptional choice for runners who prioritize both performance and comfort.

Overall, the Adidas Adifom Supernova offers a balanced combination of responsive cushioning from the Boost technology, along with the added arch support and comfort from the Adifom insole. This shoe would likely be suitable for a range of runners, from those new to the activity to experienced long-distance athletes.

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