AS 520

Adidas introduces the AS 520, blending the nostalgic ’80s terrace culture with London’s rich sneaker heritage. The AS 520 stands out by combining robust materials with classic design elements, appealing to those who value both tradition and durability in their footwear.

The design of the AS 520 features an upper that combines durable Cordura fabric with suede layers, enhancing its resilience and sophistication. Adidas’s iconic serrated 3-Stripes adorn the sidewalls, with smooth leather on the heel showcasing Trefoils, celebrating the brand’s legacy. Branding on the tongue reinforces the AS 520’s identity within the Adidas family.

Drawing from the Adidas SPEZIAL collection, the AS 520 pays tribute to London’s impact on sneaker culture and its historical connection to Adidas. Inspired by early football culture and designed with terraces in mind, the AS 520 offers a new silhouette that embodies a reimagined piece of sneaker history for today’s wear.

The sneaker boasts a premium leather and nubuck upper with a leather lining, ensuring durability and comfort. Gold metallic branding adds a touch of elegance to the sturdy design, creating a visually striking contrast. A rubber midsole and outsole provide a solid foundation, ensuring traction and stability.

The Adidas AS 520 is more than just footwear; it’s a homage to football culture and London’s sneaker legacy, wrapped in Adidas’s enduring design philosophy. It offers a unique blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary design, making it an essential addition to any sneaker collection.

In essence, the Adidas AS 520 embodies Adidas’s innovation, heritage respect, and modern sneaker culture understanding. It’s crafted for those who appreciate timeless design and modern functionality, promising a versatile and lasting choice for sneaker enthusiasts globally.

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