The adidas X Crazyfast series, a successor to the Speedportal, stands out in the soccer cleat world for its blend of innovative design and enhanced performance features. This line, encompassing models like the Crazyfast.1 and Crazyfast+, has been a topic of discussion among sneaker enthusiasts for its upgrades and overall effectiveness on the field.


Central to the Crazyfast’s design is the Aeropacity Speedskin upper, shared by both the Crazyfast+ and Crazyfast.1 models. This upper merges a mesh textile-based synthetic with a thin PU film and is reinforced by a microfiber lining known as Aerocage. This innovative combination results in an upper that feels light and fits like a second skin while providing essential structural stability and flexibility.


The Crazyfast+ model emphasizes performance, featuring a traditional tongue construction that complements its lacing system for a secure and adjustable fit. In contrast, the Crazyfast.1 model, available in both laceless and laced variants, introduces a Primeknit-based collar and tongue for enhanced comfort, particularly across the arch of the foot.


A notable advancement in the series is the Aeroplate insert in the Speedframe soleplate. This new material aims to keep the cleat’s responsive and dynamic feel while slightly reducing its weight. Though it doesn’t quite match the responsiveness of the previous Carbitex carbon fiber inserts, it still marks a significant development in soccer cleat technology.


Fit-wise, the Crazyfast.1 has improved heel padding for a more solid feel on the foot, yet it requires some break-in time due to its construction. The narrow fit and raised toe box design may require an adjustment period, but they contribute to a sense of agility and preparedness on the field.

The adidas X Crazyfast series is an attractive option. It not only offers advanced soccer technology and a sleek design but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability.

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