The Adidas Everyset training shoes are a blend of stability and sustainability, catering to individuals at various stages of their fitness journey, whether they’re just starting or seasoned athletes. With a knit upper that’s both comfortable and breathable, these shoes offer a snug fit that ensures comfort during every workout.

The dual-density midsole incorporates firmer EVA on the outer layer and softer EVA on the inner layer, striking the perfect balance between stability and comfort. The shoe’s overall design promotes a grounded and secure feeling, allowing you to focus on your exercise form. Plus, the multidirectional rubber outsole provides the necessary grip for confident weight shifts during training.

What sets these shoes apart is their environmentally conscious design. The upper is crafted from at least 50% recycled materials, underlining Adidas’ commitment to reducing plastic waste. These training shoes, with their wide fit, lace closure, and midfoot TPU reinforcement, represent one of Adidas’ sustainable solutions for consumers who value both performance and eco-friendliness.

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