One of the most classic hoop shoes of all time, the adidas Forum truly deserved its modern-day comeback with all-new releases. While it now falls under the adidas Originals category, fans of the shoe continue rocking and buying new pairs regardless. That’s how iconic this shoe was!

The adidas Forum originally released in 1984 as a basketball sneaker and came out in High and Low versions. To give you an insight into how popular this shoe was in basketball, Michael Jordan rocked a pair during the US Olympic Trials. This was before MJ got into the NBA and signed with Nike. Imagine if adidas got Michael Jordan and gave him his own signature line!

The shoe features a leather base, three stripes on the sides, trefoil logos on the rear and rubber midsole, and an ankle strap for support.

Adidas eventually put the Forum on the Originals roster, the brand’s lifestyle catalogue. The shoe disappeared from the market and came back sporadically. But in late 2020, adidas Forums came out in new styles almost every week. Since then, the trainer became a trending product and continues to rack up sales.

Multiple collabs with Bad Bunny headlined the adidas Forum comeback.  Other brands also joined in on the fun, including popular movies such as the Grinch, Home Alone, and more.

This pair is more comfortable than it looks. It’s because the brand updated the model with Bounce foam cushioning encased inside the rubber sole.

With the momentum going strong, we can expect more colourways to emerge soon. This is a great move for adidas considering they just lost a lot of possible income due to their Yeezy stock pairs. Hopefully, the brand sorts this out in the next few months or so!

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