I.L. Comp

The adidas I.L. Comp, resurrected from the 1980s through a collaboration with Kith, stands out as a pivotal piece in a collection that spans three decades of iconic tennis sneakers. Launched in 1985 and notably worn by tennis professional Ivan Lendl, the I.L. Comp distinguished itself in the tennis world with its unique design and performance features.


This sneaker boasts a breathable mesh base, essential for on-court agility and off-court comfort, seamlessly integrated with full-grain leather overlays. These overlays not only enhance the sneaker’s durability but also contribute a premium feel to its overall appearance. What truly sets the I.L. Comp apart is its sleek, low-profile construction that beautifully marries athletic functionality with a streetwear-ready aesthetic, making it more than just a sports shoe.


The I.L. Comp offers a nostalgic yet timely journey back to a significant era in tennis footwear, while perfectly aligning with modern style preferences. The revival of this model is a testament to adidas’ skill in merging historical design elements with the ever-evolving tastes of contemporary sneaker culture.


As part of the Kith x Adidas collaboration, the I.L. Comp transcends its status as just a sneaker, becoming a symbol of tennis history reinterpreted for today’s fashion-forward sneakerheads. Its blend of nostalgic charm and modern flair makes it a sneaker that offers a tribute to the past and a nod to the future of sneaker design.

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