Kegler Super

The Adidas Kegler Super is a classic sneaker that originally launched in the 1980s. It was initially designed for the sport of kegeling, a type of German nine-pin bowling, but quickly transcended its sports heritage to become a popular casual shoe. The most distinctive feature of the Kegler Super is its unique peg cushioning system in the midsole, which allows for adjustable comfort.

The shoe often features a suede or leather upper, a toe bumper for added durability, and Adidas’ signature three stripes on the sides. The rubber outsole provides good traction, making it versatile for both sport and casual wear. Its design incorporates a mix of retro and modern elements, giving it a timeless look that has endured over the years.

The Adidas Kegler Super has been reissued several times, often in new colorways or in collaboration with different brands and designers. Despite the updates, the shoe has remained true to its original design, making it a favorite among Adidas enthusiasts and collectors. It’s a piece of sneaker history that continues to appeal to fans of classic, functional design.

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