Incorporating state-of-the-art LIGHTSTRIKE and BOOST technologies, the MC80 ushers in an era of enhanced comfort and stability on the golf course. Adidas draws upon its rich legacy in golf footwear design to unveil the MC80, a spikeless shoe that masterfully combines the timeless aesthetics of the 1980s with contemporary materials and cutting-edge technology. This footwear is inspired by the resurgence of retro styles in the world of golf, offering a fresh yet classic choice for today’s discerning golfers.

With nearly five decades of expertise in crafting golf shoes, Adidas reaffirms its commitment with the MC80. Rigorous testing has revealed the shoe’s unwavering stability and its firm connection with the ground, ensuring there’s no room for slippage during swings and strides. This remarkable grip is achieved through a meticulously designed traction system featuring an array of small, nub-like spikes distributed evenly across the sole, delivering exceptional traction on dry, wet, thick, or tightly mowed terrains.

By revisiting its archives and integrating elements from iconic designs with contemporary technology, Adidas has reimagined the spikeless golf shoe, paying homage to a legendary era in golf footwear. The MC80 is a testament to Adidas’s commitment to both the heritage and evolution of golf footwear.

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