Adidas has unveiled the MC87, a remarkable addition to its golf footwear line, blending the allure of historical design with cutting-edge technology. Drawing inspiration from the celebrated adidas Tiverton introduced in 1987, known for its distinct wingtip styling, detailed brogue stitching, and croc texturing, the MC87 updates this heritage with a premium, water-resistant leather upper. This ensures the shoe not only pays homage to the past but also meets the demands of the contemporary golfer with enhanced comfort and durability.

Central to the MC87’s design is the innovative adidas  midsole, a first in golf shoes, crafted through a unique process utilising light and oxygen to offer unmatched stability and cushioning. This technology allows golfers to enjoy a supportive stance and comfort throughout their game, exemplifying adidas’s commitment to merging tradition with innovation.

The shoe boasts a spikeless outsole equipped with raised lugs for optimal grip on the green and flexibility for everyday wear. This design reflects the MC87’s adaptability, addressing both performance needs and lifestyle preferences seamlessly.

A nod to Rome, the venue for one of golf’s premier team events, the MC87  features a special cobblestone sockliner, enhancing its comfort and tying it to the rich history and global charm of the sport. Furthermore, the addition of a removable kiltie offers personalisation, allowing golfers to adjust their look to suit their style or the occasion.

Adidas’s MC87 stands as a testament to the brand’s pioneering spirit in golf footwear, offering a blend of style, performance, and a tribute to golf’s lasting heritage. It’s not merely a golf shoe; it’s a statement piece that respects the game’s legacy while embracing the future.

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