The adidas “Nora” by Nora Vasconcellos strikes a perfect balance between vintage charm and modern skateboarding functionality. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of adidas’ tennis archives, the Nora sneaker is a contemporary interpretation of classic style, infused with Vasconcellos’ unique personality and vibrant aesthetic.


Crafted from premium leather, the Nora’s upper is designed to endure the rigors of skateboarding while maintaining a sleek appearance. The shoe’s defining feature is its extended toe cap, constructed with a double-layer of durability that echoes the resilience of vintage tennis shoes but is adapted for modern skateboarding demands. This design ensures longevity and wear resistance, essential for any active lifestyle.


Not just a nod to the past, the Nora is replete with contemporary features. Its vulcanized construction delivers cupsole-like performance with added flexibility and grip, crucial for skateboarding maneuvers. The cushioned midsole and raised toe bumper enhance comfort and stability without compromising the shoe’s streamlined profile or board feel. Adituff backing adds an extra layer of durability, ensuring the Nora can withstand the wear and tear of daily skateboarding.

Echoing adidas’ commitment to sustainability, the Nora also incorporates eco-friendly materials in its textile quarters.


In essence, the adidas Nora is more than just a skateboarding shoe; it’s a testament to the fusion of enduring style, practical functionality, and a commitment to sustainable practices.

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