Puig Indoor

The adidas Puig Indoor, a collaboration with pro skater Lucas Puig, stands out in the world of skateboarding footwear for its innovative blend of style and functionality.


This shoe features a regular fit complemented by a lace closure, ensuring both a secure and comfortable experience. The upper, made of premium suede, balances durability with a refined look, suitable for both skate parks and daily wear. The shoe’s longevity is boosted by the Adituff toe reinforcement, protecting against the rigors of skateboarding.


Internally, the Puig Indoor is equipped with an Adiprene sockliner, offering exceptional cushioning. This comfort is further enhanced by an EVA midsole, providing support without compromising the essential board feel for skateboarding.


The shoe’s rubber outsole ensures excellent traction and stability, a crucial feature for any skate shoe. In addition, the inclusion of a sustainable insole aligns with adidas’s commitment to environmental responsibility.


The Puig Indoor’s design draws from Lucas Puig’s signature style, featuring a slimmed-down silhouette achieved through vulcanized construction. The combination of leather and nylon in the build strikes a perfect balance between durability and finesse, making these shoes versatile for various activities.


Overall, the adidas Puig Indoor is a testament to the evolving landscape of skateboarding footwear. It’s an embodiment of the collaboration between adidas’s skateboarding innovation and Lucas Puig’s distinct style.

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