The adidas Shmoofoil Shoes emerge as a revamped version of the classic slip-ons, tailored specifically for skateboarding enthusiasts. Merging Mark Gonzales’ favorite elements from two classic adidas trainers, these shoes boast both practicality and a deep respect for skate culture.


Durability meets style in the suede upper, paired seamlessly with a canvas quarter to ensure lightness and breathability – essential for active use. This fusion of materials not only enhances functionality but also crafts a unique visual appeal for the Shmoofoil Shoes.


Inside, the shoe is lined with textile, amplifying comfort and securing a perfect fit, vital for skaters needing reliable and steady footwear. The sockliner, molded to fit the natural shape of the foot, provides unmatched support and cushioning, perfect for long hours of wear, both on and off the skateboard.


A key highlight is the vulcanized rubber outsole, renowned for its superior grip. This feature is crucial for skateboarding, aiding in complex tricks and maintaining board control. Vulcanization also boosts the outsole’s resilience, equipping the shoes to endure the demands of regular skateboarding.


Gonzales’ own Shmoofoil graphics adorn the shoes, delivering performance while celebrating skateboarding’s rich culture. This artistic touch not only enhances the shoe’s functionality but also sets the Shmoofoil Shoes apart in the skate world.


In essence, the adidas Shmoofoil Shoes blend performance, endurance, and a tribute to skate heritage. Designed to support every skate move, these shoes are made for both street cruising and skate park thrills.

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