The adidas SolarGlide shoes are your indispensable partner for every run, designed to meet the needs of runners looking to build consistency, increase their distance, or achieve a new personal best. These shoes combine energized cushioning with a flexible outsole, ensuring a ride that’s not just smooth but exceptionally comfortable. The breathable mesh upper is engineered to support and stretch with your movements, providing an optimal fit that adapts seamlessly to your running style.

For those committed to both their fitness goals and environmental sustainability, the SolarGlide doesn’t disappoint. The knit upper is made with high-performance yarn, incorporating at least 50% Parley Ocean Plastic—reclaimed plastic waste collected from remote areas, beaches, and coastal communities to prevent ocean pollution. This commitment to sustainability is matched by the shoe’s performance technologies, including the responsive BOOST midsole and the precision of adidas LEP 2.0, enhancing your run with unparalleled energy return and forward propulsion.

The SolarGlide shoes are designed to be the ones you reach for whether it’s an early morning sprint or a leisurely jog at lunch. Thanks to the BOOST midsole’s energy-returning properties and the adidas LEP 2.0’s guidance for an extra push at toe-off, these sneakers support your every stride, making them a sneakers built for performance, comfort, and sustainability.

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