Torsion Super

Adidas Torsion, introduced by Adidas in the late 1980s, transformed athletic footwear with its innovative design. It aimed to solve stability issues, primarily for runners, by allowing the front and rear of the foot to move independently while providing essential midfoot support.

The key element of Torsion technology is the plastic Torsion bar in the midsole, acting as a bridge connecting the forefoot and heel. It enables separate movement while ensuring midfoot stability. This technology reduces the risk of overpronation, offering a secure fit and comfort, ideal for athletes requiring precise foot control.

Torsion technology maintains the foot’s natural flexibility while providing support, making it particularly beneficial for runners and adaptable to various sports. Adidas has incorporated it into running shoes, basketball sneakers, and other athletic footwear, showcasing its versatility.

Adidas continually refines Torsion technology, releasing various versions to meet specific sports and athlete needs. This dedication to innovation reflects Adidas’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge footwear solutions that balance stability and flexibility for optimal performance and comfort across diverse activities. Adidas Torsion remains a symbol of the brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence in athletic footwear.

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