Reimagine the Adidas ZNSORED as it introduces a versatile pair of skate-style sneakers that seamlessly combine comfort and fashion. Whether you prefer the fresh, straight-out-of-the-box look or the well-worn, cherished appeal, these shoes make a bold statement. Their sturdy rubber outsole provides stability, while the mid-cut upper, skillfully crafted from a mix of suede and canvas, adds a touch of sophistication to the design. A modern twist emerges as the chunky outsole breathes new life into the timeless skater style.

These sneakers feature an organic canvas upper that promotes ample airflow and include a padded collar for essential ankle support, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience. The combination of this padded collar and the innovative LIGHTMOTION+ cushioning guarantees enduring comfort for your feet throughout the day. ZNSORED offers a regular fit, lace closure, organic canvas upper, textile lining, and a dependable rubber outsole, all built to meet Adidas’s renowned performance standards. They firmly establish themselves as the top choice for those seeking both style and peak performance.

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