Jordan One Take 4

The Jordan One Take 4 is a testament to the intersection of performance and style in basketball footwear, inspired by Russell Westbrook’s dynamic play. This sneaker is engineered for players who demand speed and agility on the court, mirroring Westbrook’s own explosive style of play.


A standout feature of the One Take 4 is its outsole design, which wraps up almost to the midsole. This unique construction allows players to quickly start, stop, or change direction, crucial for mimicking the fast-paced nature of basketball. The design not only enhances the sneaker’s functionality but also adds a distinct visual appeal.


At the core of the One Take 4’s performance attributes is the top-loaded Zoom Air unit in the forefoot. This placement ensures the responsive cushioning is closer to the foot, providing an edge during fast court drives. The energy-returning capabilities of the Zoom Air technology are vital for maintaining consistent performance from the first to the final quarter.


Durability is another key aspect of the One Take 4. The upper, made from leather, offers both long-lasting wear and a secure, contained fit, bolstered by the unique, asymmetrical design and additional lock loops. The shoe’s midfoot plate, running the length of the sneaker, further enhances stability, a critical feature during intense gameplay.


Completing the design, the herringbone outsole offers reliable traction, essential for maintaining grip on various court surfaces.


The Jordan One Take 4 offers more than just on-court utility. It represents a seamless blend of Russell Westbrook’s energetic gameplay and the latest in sneaker technology, making it a prime choice for those who value both the functional and aesthetic elements of their basketball footwear.

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