Westbrook One Take 4

The Westbrook One Take 4, a basketball shoe designed for players who want to match the speed and agility of NBA star Russell Westbrook. This shoe takes its cues from Westbrook’s signature style. It features an outsole that seamlessly connects with the midsole, enabling lightning-fast starts, quick stops, and rapid changes in direction.

The One Take 4 ensures continuous energy return with its Zoom Air cushioning in the forefoot, helping you stay in the game longer. The Zoom Air unit, placed at the front, provides an immediate and responsive feel, perfect for those aggressive drives down the court.

Crafted from a combination of synthetic leather, ripstop, and mesh, the upper offers both breathability and durability. It stands out with its unique asymmetrical design and lock loops that keep your feet secure. Additionally, you’ll enjoy enhanced stability thanks to the midfoot plate and superior traction from the herringbone outsole.

With a roomy toe box and secure ankle support, this shoe keeps you close to the ground, giving you a competitive edge on the hardwood.

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