This is the very shoe that caused the dad shoe trend worldwide! The New Balance 990v3 arrived at the perfect time and turned old-school aesthetics into mainstream culture.

With all these different New Balance 990 models around, some may assume they share similarities. Yes, they do, but all pairs actually have unique features that set them apart. Not to mention all the Grey colourway are impressive.

The New Balance 990v3 is one of the most popular trainers from the 90s, and it continues its premium run into the new era.

There’s no other legendary New Balance series that can match the 990x line. All pairs remain popular, and we can even expect the latest model in the series to arrive soon. But despite the arrival of a new silhouette, other 990x icons such as the NB990v3 continue racking up sales in the market.

The New Balance 990x series literally took years before the sequels arrived. It all began in 1982 with the first 990. The brand waited 16 years before introducing the 990v2. Then in 2012, the entire sneaker world changed.

The New Balance 990v3 first came out in 2012, much to the anticipation of fans. Unlike the first two editions, the third version appears in a more streamlined fashion. The dad shoe trend became prevalent and this shoe joined the party.

The lightweight mesh makes up the upper of the v3. Meanwhile, the pigskin suede and leather overlays add protection and durability in other areas.

ENCAP foam cushioning returns with a slimmer midsole.

The New Balance 990v3 has everything you need in a shoe. It’s comfortable, stylish, and assures you of premium quality.

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