Does the Converse CONS AS-1 Pro Fit True to Size? Review & Size Guide

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or two, you’d know that hype surrounding skate shoes is skyrocketing at a rate that we’ve never experienced before. According to a recent report by FMI, in 2022, the market was worth $863 million globally. This is set to grow by 3.5% year-on-year over the next decade. With the skateboarding scene becoming more and more popular by the minute, Converse has teamed up with pro skater Alexis Sablone for the Converse CONS AS-1 Pro.

Introduced in April 2023, this silhouette is significant as Sablone is one of the world’s most celebrated skaters. From holding a total of seven X-Games titles to becoming a member of the first USA Skateboarding National Team, when it comes to skate shoes, she knows exactly what she’s talking about.

If you’ve been thinking of adding a pair of Converse CONS AS-1 Pro to your rotation but you don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll be covering everything from its design, the sizing and fit, and so much more. So keep reading to find out everything that you need to know!

How Does the Converse CONS AS-1 Pro Fit?

Inspired by Converse’s basketball shoes from the archives, the CONS AS-1 Pro features a retro design that both old school sneakerheads and new school sneakerheads will appreciate. Crafted from premium leather or buttery suede, it made its debut in “Fir” but it’s now available in a vast range of styles and colourways. This means you can find one that perfectly complements your personal aesthetic.

Generally speaking, the CONS AS-1 Pro fits true to size (TTS). Like most skate shoes of the ’80s and ’90s era, these feel quite roomy. This means that even if you have particularly wide feet, you’ll feel right at home here. As always, we’d recommend that you try these on in-store to get the perfect fit.

Is the Converse CONS AS-1 Pro a Comfortable Shoe?

If you’re a fan of the other boarding icons like Nike SB Dunk and Vans, then you’re going to love the CONS AS-1 Pro. Unlike most skate shoes, which are usually on the chunkier side, this silhouette is sleek and streamlined but very comfortable at the same time.

The tongue and collar are padded for extra support while kickflipping, and the inside of the shoe is lined with CX Foam to absorb the impact. A series of TPU pods line the midsole for optimal ollie cushioning, and the special Convex traction rubber outsole is extra grippy. So, is the CONS AS-1 Pro comfy? Hell, yes.

Is the Converse CONS AS-1 Pro Good for Skateboarding?

At this point, this is a question that doesn’t even need to be answered. However, if you’re seriously wondering if the CONS AS-1 Pro is good for skateboarding, we can honestly tell you that it’s one of the best skate shoes that you’ll ever own. From the premium materials to the foam sockliner, all the way to the TPU midsole, every single aspect and detail has been engineered with the halfpipe in mind.

Since it made its grand debut in 2023, the CONS AS-1 Pro has only released in clean two-tone colour palettes. This means you can pair these with any outfit you want. Whether it’s an oversized hoodie and blue jeans, or a graphic T-shirt and cargo pants, these will look awesome no matter what. For those of you who can’t actually skate but adore the look, these make a great walking shoe. And because they’re inspired by basketball shoes, hitting the hardwood isn’t a problem either.

Where Can I Buy the Converse CONS AS-1 Pro?

The CONS AS-1 Pro is becoming more and more popular by the second. GRs are generally widely available, so you won’t need to join raffles or camp outside stores to cop a pair:

The Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a skate shoe that’s reliable and versatile, the Converse CONS AS-1 Pro should definitely be on your radar. Made in collaboration with Alexis Sablone, it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular halfpipe-ready trainers around. There’s really no questioning why either. Made from premium materials and equipped with innovative technologies, this will be be the perfect addition to your collection. So what are you waiting for? Secure your size right now before someone else does!