Shoe Sizing Guide: How do Asics fit compared to Nike?

Being two staple sneaker brands, Nike and Asics have some things in common with each other. Size, however, is not one of them. This article looks in detail at how do Asics fit compared to Nike?

Debuting in the 1980s, the Asics Gel Lyte range were introduced as a technical, performance-driven running trainer, boasting the Gel technology that absorbs vertical impact and transfers it horizontally. With this is mind, they are therefore one of the most comfortable, suitable and desirable running trainers available. Asics Gel Lyte’s do tend to run a bit tight and feel quite snug, but they are not as tight compared to the Nike Air Max silhouettes.

Below, we have compiled a list of the most popular Nike Air Max styles and Gel Lyte styles, giving the low-down on how each silhouette fits. It’s crucial to understand how different brands interpret foot sizes, as they can differ from range to range.

Air Max 90

The Air Max 90 was originally designed for performance-driven running, so is sure to be full of support for your feet and feel nice and snug. They fit completely true to size, so it is highly unlikely you will have to size up or down when shopping for this silhouette. A truly fail-safe option.

Gel Lyte V

The Gel Lyte V style has a mono sock liner that wraps around the forefoot, giving the ultimate support. However, this means that this silhouette tends to run on the narrow size, so it’s wise to size up by half a size to ensure the best comfort, especially if you have wide feet.

Air Max 95

The iconic lacing system on the Air Max 95s allow for personalisation of fit. That is, you can adjust the tightness of the laces according to your foot’s size and shape, giving your feet as much support as possible. In terms of general sizing, they mostly fit true to size. However, if you have wide feet, it is advised to go up half a size to ensure your feet aren’t too cramped and therefore extremely uncomfortable.

Gel Lyte III

The Gel Lyte III style tends to run a little on the tighter side, so it’s recommended to select half a size up, especially if any part of your foot is wider than average. The leather and suede upper offers fantastic durability, but this can also mean that it will take a while to break these trainers in.

Originally setting out to revolutionise the basketball shoe, Asics’ first development was not actually characterised as a running shoe. Asics released running shoes in the late 1970’s, when there was mass appeal for this type of trainer and the market had clear demand. Asics currently offer three categories of running trainer in their core range, offering a wide variety of choice. The characteristic that differentiates these three categories is the level of support they offer.

In general, Asics running shoes run a bit smaller and tighter than Nike running shoes, so it’s best to go up half a size with Asics.

The Verdict: How do Asics fit compared to Nike?

After careful consideration and comparison, the verdict is that Asics trainers fit smaller than Nike’s do, and feel more snug to the foot than Nike trainers do. With that in mind, it is recommended to go half a size up from your Nike size when shopping for Asics.

When shopping for Asics Gel Lyte and their running range, your best bet is to hit up the brand’s online outlet store. Refine your search using the tabs at the top of the page. Or, click one of these links:

Asics Gel Lyte: Shop Here

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The best place to get your hands on a pair of Nike Air Max or their running shoes is directly at the brand’s website. These links below will take you straight there.

Nike Air Max: Shop Here

Nike Running range: Shop Here

In summary, Asics tend to fit tighter than Nike’s, and many other major trainer brands. A tighter fit can be very advantageous as this offers the maximum stability during exercise, which is crucial for high-impact activities such as running. However, it is extremely important to ensure the snug fit is centralised around the upper, rather than on the toe area, as cramped toes can cause discomfort and even injury. You have to make sure you really, truly know the anatomy of your feet before switching brands!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Asics big or small-fitting?

Asics are generally true to size, but do run a little tight, so they err more on the side of being small-fitting. If you have wider feet, the feeling of tightness will be more noticeable than those with narrower feet. But, the general consensus is that Asics sizing is pretty accurate, but just really hold close to your feet for extra support.

How do Asics fit compared to New Balance?

Asics are generally true to size, but do run a little tight, so they err more on the side of being small-fitting. If you have wider feet, the feeling of tightness will be more noticeable than those with narrower feet. But, the general consensus is that Asics sizing is pretty accurate, but just really hold close to your feet for extra support.

How do Asics fit compared to New Balance?

New Balance silhouettes tend to have a wider toe box compared to Asics, so would be more ideal for those with wider feet. Asics therefore feel much more snug in comparison with the New Balance silhouettes, but if you have wider feet, this might not be ideal for you and you should size up.

How do Asics fit compared to Adidas?

In comparison with Adidas, Asics run in similar sizing. It is recommended to go half a size up when shopping at both of these brands, therefore it seems to be that they have rather similar measurements. However, this may not be the case for every single silhouette as each style has a slightly different design, so might fit differently. But, the general consensus of Asics and Adidas is that they run in similar sizing.

How do Asics running shoes fit?

As discussed above, Asics running shoes do tend to fit on the smaller end of the spectrum, especially at the heel and midfoot. The brand themselves even recommend buying half a size up, as your feet expand from the heat created when you run, so going up half a size will allow for this expansion whilst still fitting snug to your feet and therefore offering that necessary support.

Do Asics run the same size as Nike?

No, Asics do not run the same size as Nike. Different brands will interpret sizes slightly differently and therefore, upon manufacturing, the sizes may end up feeling different, even if it’s only slight. Asics and Nike trainers have fundamentally different styles, use different materials and offer varied built-in technologies, so it’s not surprising that they won’t fit exactly the same. No two design is identical and whilst that is the beauty behind sneakers, it can be quite confusing when trying to branch out and buy a different brand to the one you’re used to. Asics tens to run wider but shorter, whereas Nike’s silhouettes tend to be longer but narrower.

How Should Running Shoes Fit?

As running is a high-impact sport that involves lots of impact with the floor, it is of paramount importance that a running shoe is comfortable and offers maximum support. As everyone’s feet are different in size, shape and structure, not everyone will have the same consensus when it comes to which running trainers are the best to buy. Running shoes should feel snug and supportive, particularly at the heel, but they should not feel at all constrictive or too tight. Your toes should not run the tow box to the point where it feels uncomfortable.

As a rule of thumb, you should have approximately half a thumb’s width of space between your toe and the end of the shoe. Most importantly, your running shoes should not hurt in any way. The trick to finding the perfect pair is to shop around, undertake lots of research and measure your feet in order to buy the trainers that are best suited to you.