How To Style Nike Blazers, The Ultimate Guide

A pair of Nike Blazers has become an essential part of many individual shoe racks, whether as highs, mids, or lows. Their versatility makes them highly popular and here are some ideas on how to style them.

You can tailor a pair of Nike Blazers to suit many occasions and several styles. Dress up those Blazers or dress them down, it is entirely up to you.

How To Wear Nike Blazers

While the origin of the shoe was heavily influenced by basketball, a pair of Nike Blazers can be widely seen at the skatepark.

This is largely due to the stability and grip from the vulcanised rubber sole but also how well it protects the feet. As the Blazers go well with cargos and shorts, they are a popular skating sneaker.

Treat the Nike Blazer Highs as you would a boot as their bulky silhouette can be worn with pants just as easily.

The midsole, with its suede detail and throwback font, speaks of classic design and high-tops can be worn casually.

You could even wear the low-tops as formal attire with a pair of chinos or smart black trousers which speaks volumes for their versatility.   

How to style Nike Blazers

The main appeal of a pair of Blazers is simply that they can be worn for all sorts of occasions as you can dress them up or down. They should look good during the day or at nighttime.

Though they can come in a range of colours and even materials, an all-white pair should go well with a cute top and jeans. Try box fresh Blazers with a sundress for true girl-next-door vibes .

Classy T-Shirt

For a classic outfit, pair your Blazers with a white t-shirt and jeans. The high tops are versatile enough to style with jeans so style them out with a jacket or an overshirt though low tops work really well. 


A combination of comfort and style can be created with a pair of Nike Blazer lows when you wear them with a hoodie or jumper.

This is an ideal look for heading out on a trip or going on a walk. You could even make it simpler with a sweatshirt should it be cold though roll up your jeans if you are wearing high-tops.

Flannel Shirt

During late spring and the cool part of summer, wearing a flannel shirt with a pair of Nike Blazers is a classic, contemporary look that appears stylish while remaining comfortable. Great for those breezy summer evenings with friends.

Varsity Jacket

Nike Blazers go terrifically well with a Varsity jacket as a casual look for nights on the town or worn during the day. You can also match up different coloured Varsity jackets with distinctive Blazers.

The cut is something to play around with too as you can try high-tops and mids.


To finish your look don’t forget to accessorize. Add shades and caps to create your own style. For more formal occasions, wrap a scarf around your neck which compliments the colours of your Blazers and the outfit.  

More Than Just Leisurewear

Just as you could wear a pair of Nike Blazer Mids out on the street, you can also wear them in the gym. With a flat sole, the shoes are ideal for lifting weights, plus they look great with shorts for men and women.

Nike Blazer Mids are so versatile that they can go with many casual outfits including cargos, chinos, and jeans for some great street style. Should you opt for chinos, combine them with long shirts and not short ones. 

To complete the outfit, if you are wearing them in the gym or on the street, don’t forget to team with thick Nike socks.

Ideally, these should match the colour of the Nike Blazer Mids but you can simply get away with a pair of white ones. 

Final Thoughts

The Nike Blazer has gone through quite a resurgence ever since the ‘77s were brought back a few years ago.

A lot of the hype has revealed how the shoes mean more than just being a chunky sneaker, whether it has a high top, low top, or mid-top. As one of Nike’s first shoes to make a real impact, it represents one of the trailblazers in sneaker technology.

Though the name came from an NBA team in Nike’s base of Oregon, it could have been called the Spur due to George Gervin debuting the shoe on the basketball court.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Brief History Of Nike Blazers?

Back in 1973, Nike released the Blazer as only the third shoe they had ever released and it put them on the map.

Nike was based in Oregon and the shoe took the name from the Portland Trail Blazers who were an NBA team also based in the city.

The Blazer was initially meant to compete with the basketball shoes of Puma and Converse while the NBA player, George ‘Ice Man’ Gervin of San Antonio Spurs debuted them on the court.

During the Seventies, the Nike Blazer Mid was coloured in black, white, and red blocks which were designed to honour the decade in which they arrived.

Which Materials And Cuts Can You Expect The Nike Blazer To Come In? 

As well as Nike Blazer Mid, you can also expect the Blazers in two different cuts; low and high tops.

The original materials for the Nike Blazer were leather for the upper half with nylon for the tongue, and a midsole which was fabricated of rubber.

Times have changed and the Nike Blazer can be fabricated from other materials including canvas and suede.

Where To Buy?

If you would like to purchase a pair of Nike Blazers, then you can pick up a pair here, or head straight to the Nike website.

If they don’t currently carry your size or the style that you would like, then you can also consider purchasing your pair of Nike Court Legacy from the following retailers:



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