What does the Japanese writing on the adidas NMD mean?

As big fans of the Adidas NMD, one of the key questions we come across a lot is “Does anyone know what the Japanese writing means on my new NMD R1?

This article has been created to put this question to rest once and for all and to also respond to some other Frequently Asked Questions.

What does the Japanese characters on NMD’s translate to?

Whilst the text written on all NMD’s may be slightly different depending on the style, the majority read “3 ストライプ の ブランド” which can be simply translated to “Three Stripes”.

A short history of the adidas NMD

Born from three classic adidas shoes from deep in the archive, the NMD takes clear design concepts from decades-old designs such as the Rising Star, the Boston Super and the Micro Pacer as well as nodding to it’s older brother, the adidas Ultraboost by utilising the same full-length Boost midsole. 

Designed with comfort in mind, the NMD was all about merging what worked on the running track to what would sit right in a city landscape. The shoe features that comfortable Boost Foam and a a flexible Primeknit Upper designed to provide a sock like fit and unparalleled comfort. 

Design features that make the adidas NMD instantly recognisable are the block that sits on the Boost midsole, as well as the pull tab on the heel that eases access into the shoe.

What are the blocks on NMDs for?

On the back of each NMD outsole you’ll see the LEGO-like block which is a trademark symbol of the silhouette, also found on the adidas Micropacer. This is there to provide stability to the Boost midsole and keeps the Primekit upper from losing shape. The LEGO-like block is actually essential to provide the shape and balance to the shoe.

What does NMD stand for in Adidas shoes?

The term NMD stands for “NOMAD” 

Is the adidas NMD a good running shoe?

The short answer is yes, they work as a running trainer but you’re best off looking specifically at the adidas running range to find something more suitable for running long distances. We have a full article devoted to answering this exact question HERE.

Where can I buy the adidas NMD?

Whilst we’d always recommend hitting up Adidas Direct for the latest NMD drops, you can also pick up a good range of new release and sale items from the following retailers:

Footlocker: SHOP HERE


adidas: SHOP HERE