Jordan MA2 Review & Sizing Guide. Do They Run True To Size?

When you blend classic Jordan styles with new Air Max silhouettes, the Jordan MA2 is born. The brand continues to innovate with l the new Jordan MA2, bringing in influence from recent Air Max drops without neglecting the basketball heritage which characterizes them. This article looks at Jordan MA2 sizing, a short history of the shoe and looks at whether they fit true to size.

The Jordan MA2 is a new lifestyle shoe in the Jordan collection. Headlining the new release calendar alongside other new school styles such as the Jordan Max Aura 3, the Jordan Stay Loyal, the Delta 2, the Jordan Air 200E and the very popular Jordan Point Lane. As new silhouettes go we think the Nike Jordan MA2 could be one of Jordan’s best casual shoes in a long time. 

Without further ado, let’s get to the product details

About the Jordan MA2 design

One of the latest cushioning designs in Jordan Max Air. The large exposed air unit in the heel allows for incredible comfort whether on court or wearing as a lifestyle shoe. The variety of materials used such as full-grain leather, a textile upper, raw foam edges and synthetics increase durability and gives an enhanced layer of comfort, as well as that premium look. 

Cushioned comfort has obviously been firmly in mind when designing this shoe, which can be seen from the sculpted foam midsole, ergonomic tongue, foam collar and perforated foam sockliner. this is an incredibly well designed pair of sneakers using a variety of textiles and executing lightweight cushioning perfectly.

Jordan sneakers provide an opportunity for fans of the great Michael Jordan, to follow in his footsteps whilst bringing to the table elements of Nike Air Max. With a clear inspiration from the modern Air Max silhouettes such as the Nike Air Max 200, the MA2 borrows from both new and old. Inspired by classic pairs in the Jordan line such as Air Jordan 4’s and Jordan 1 Mids but enriched with new modern details to create a fresh Nike Air Jordan look.

The MA-2 is made for daily use, but it also distinguishes as one of those every-day shoes that can put on and taken off at the door. When leaving the house, its tongue and heel are extended to make entry simpler. The translucent pull loop and rubber heel clip are designed to create an easy enter foot-to-foot eject system.

It is also noticeable that contrary to other Jordan releases, the Jordan MA2 barely incorporate the brand’s logo in a visible way, Despite this design decision, the Jordan essence is maintained. Even with the additional design features and even without seeing the logo, we know what signature it is. 

Jordan MA2 sizing. Do they run true to size?

The Jordan MA2 fits true-to-size. If you’ve worn a pair of Nike or Jordan shoes before, (as long as they’re not an Air Huarache), we recommend sizing against these for reference.  Contrary to other brands, Nike and Air Jordan sizing in most cases, can be quite simple. The best option would be to acquire the same size of Jordan MA2 that you typically wear in other Nike or Jordan styles.

To summarise Jordan MA2 sizing? The answer is they fit TTS, True-To-Size.

What is the difference between the Jordan Max 200 and the MA2?

The Jordan Max 200 was the first silhouette to release with the 200 air unit, with the MA2 coming a couple of years later in 2021. The Air Max 200 shares many similarities to the MA2. It has a mesh collar, translucent panels, and a signature offset tongue pull loop. The Max 200 design is completed with often bold accents on the upper and Air Max 200 air unit. 

The Jordan Max 200 introduced the Nike Air Max 200 cushioning system to the Jordan brand, which is also shared with the Jordan MA2, making it among the most comfortable cushioning systems in the basketball shoe line. Alongside the sculpted foam sole apparent on both silhouettes, both maintain a light, airy feel.

The Jordan 200 whilst comfortable, was criticised for being a narrower shoe than most, especially around the instep arch of the foot. The Jordan MA2 on the other hand, whilst sharing similarities, has a noticeably chunkier design more suited to the true shape of the average foot. 

Are Jordan MA2 unisex?

Combining classic with the modern, the Jordan MA2 is definitely a unisex trainer. Designed for both Men and Women in a vast array of colourways, the shoe has broad appeal predominantly as a lifestyle shoe rather than a court sneaker.  If you’re looking for a modern Jordan hybrid but with essence of classic Jordan styles, the Jordan MA2 is a great shout.

When did the Jordan MA2 release?

The Jordan MA2 was released in February 2021 across a broad range of retailers, as well as direct from Nike.

Since this time the Jordan brand has produced a wide variety of colourways, almost all of which have gone on to sell out. The volume of releases in this time frame demonstrate the success of this shoes launch.

Are Jordan MA2 good for wide feet?

Yes, the Jordan MA2 is also good for people with wide feet. As previously mentioned, the Jordan MA2 runs true to size and is much chunkier than the Jordan Max 200.

If your feet are very wide, you may want to go up a half size or wait for the materials to stretch in.

To get a snug but not a tight fit, you can modify this sneaker by tightening or relaxing the laces. When you lace up, pressure points have also been addressed to reduce the feeling of tightness.

Where can I buy the Jordan MA2?

We always recommend purchasing the Jordan MA2 direct from the Official Nike site. However if you’re looking for different styles or perhaps searching for a lower price, the following retailers are also options to make a purchase through:

Foot Locker – SHOP HERE




Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a fresh pair of sneaks we always recommend shopping direct from Nike for best size and availability. When choosing a pair of Jordan MA2 it is important to note that they fit true to size, run in unisex sizing and are more suited to wider feet than the Jordan Max 200. 

The Jordan MA2 is a popular modern style of Jordan Shoe that has had a great launch. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this silhouette!