A Mallet Sizing Guide. Do Mallet Sneakers fit true to size?

As one of the relatively new comers on the UK Sneaker scene, finding a sizing guide for Mallet is crucial before considering a purchase, especially if you’re not able to try a pair on in store. This article looks at how Mallet Sneakers fit compared to the main brands and answers the question. Do Mallet Sneakers fit true to size?

Further on we look in detail about how Mallet shoes fit compared to the mainstream sneaker heavyweights like Adidas and Nike?

The Origins of Mallet

In 2022, Mallet is one of the fastest-growing disruptive brands in the UK. Whilst dividing the sneaker community, the popularity of Mallet is only growing – and for a good reason.

From the perspective of giants like Nike and Adidas, Mallet is a wholly different breed — a younger, different newcomer to the game. Started in 2015 by Tommy Mallet, a key member of the original cast of ‘The Only Way is Essex’ known to be a passionate sneaker collector.

Tommy wanted to create his own unique pair of trainers, but he found that modifying existing models from the shelves just didn’t cut it. So, he took matters into his own hands and in 2015, Mallet was born.

Slowly, Tommy realized that he could create a high-end, luxury sneaker brand — and he reached out to a friend that was already working in high-end footwear production. That buddy, Evren, would soon become his partner — and after he created the first sample off Tommy’s sketches, the rest was pretty much history. After just 2 years, Mallet was retailing in high-end online stores all across Europe and the UK.

Do Mallet Sneakers fit True to Size?

One look at the majority of Mallet styles is enough to spot their main attribute: they’re definitely chunkier than your average shoe, with a notably elevated midsole.

The brand has recently started using a new “2.0 Mallet sole”, that adds more style elevation and height. They’re 4.5 in height, meaning 1cm higher than the first Mallet sole used in the original models.

While the sole does add a more impactful silhouette and stronger arch support, it does make sizing them up a bit more difficult.

Plus, you may be wondering whether Mallet sneakers fit true to size in the first place.

Well, the answer is — it all depends on the style and model you’re buying. Generally, Mallet sneakers do fit true to size. However, if you’re getting their Almorah shoe, bear in mind that it’s an exception to the rule. The Almorah sneakers tend to fit large than usual. so you should probably take at least a half size down.

Top Selling Mallet Styles

What are some of the top-selling Mallet styles that you should consider trying? If you’re unsure, here’s a quick overview of their top-selling silhouettes:


Cyrus is one of the most sought-after Mallet styles — a dense and dark panel upper combined with a well-sculpted sole. It’s recognizable by its finely-made hexagonal mesh and a suede and leather mix that’s topped off with reflective laces. It’s also got all of the classic Mallet details — the double pull tabs, branded lace aglets, and the instantly recognisable silver heel clip.

Where to Buy? We recommend buying Mallet Cyrus direct from the Mallet Store HERE.


If you’re after a look that combines a bunch of premium materials and elements with the rougher, urban aesthetic that’s partly the inspiration for Mallet — the Popham sneakers are your best bet. They’re made from high-quality leather, scuba, and suede and they have a great-looking Mallet monogram on their heel for that premium feel. The print of the monogram is subtle, though, and doesn’t distract attention from the overall design of the shoe.

Where to Buy? We recommend buying Mallet Popham direct from the Mallet Store HERE.

Lux Runner

The Lux Runner series has become a staple of Mallet after the 2021 season, and it’s easy to see why. It maintains a thoroughly recognizable Mallet style but is imbued with a slightly retro feel. There’s the Mallet heel clip, an upper made from premium leather, and an elevated Mallet 2.0 sole — everything you need in a modern high-end shoe.

Where to Buy? We recommend buying Mallet Lux Runner direct from the Mallet Store HERE.


While we wouldn’t recommend using Mallet shoes for actual running and training, we feel that the GRFTR series are specifically made for leisure time and casual outdoor wearing — they’ve got the classic Mallet quality craftsmanship, very comfy, but not specifically a sport shoe.

Where to Buy? We recommend buying Mallet GRFTR direct from the Mallet Store HERE.


If you want a great lifestyle shoe to add to your rotation — a pair of Kingsland trainers will serve you well. Made in a low-top style, with grained leather trims, a rounded toe, and a neat lace-up closure. There are also a bunch of metal trim details, depending on which specific model you choose.

Where to Buy? We recommend buying Mallet Kingsland direct from the Mallet Store HERE.

Where to buy?

If you want to buy them in a physical, brick-and-mortar store, you’ll find that Mallet trainers are available in stores across the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, and Belgium. And if you want to order them online, we recommend shopping direct at the Mallet store for the best price and availability.


While Mallet is a new player in the sneaker game, they’ve definitely shown they can hold their own against the other big names with high-end, unique designs and high-quality manufacturing. And their shoes fit true to size, except the Almorah series that a bit bigger than you’d think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mallet a designer / luxury brand?

Yes, whilst in the premium bracket of lifestyle shoe, they’re not in the category of Balanciaga. So not as insanely expensive as you’d think when you hear that a brend is “designer” and “luxury”. However, they’re definitely still pricier than your average shoe — but generally the quality control is good and the shoes are well manufactured.

Who owns Mallet shoes?

The company that produces them — Mallet Footwear — is owned by the eponymous Tommy Mallet, its creative director, and founder who reached initial fame from ITV’s ‘The Only Way is Essex’.

How popular are Mallet trainers?

Since their inception in 2015, over 150,000 Mallet trainers have been sold — they’ve gained a lot of popularity through celebrity endorsements, considering Tommy Mallet is the pioneer, but also from general word of mouth within the sneaker community.

Are Mallet Trainers good?

Yes, they’re made from high-quality, premium leather and accompanying materials. The quality control is high and there is a constant stream of new colourways arriving on a monthly basis.

Are mallet trainers comfortable?

Whilst definitely not made for running long distances, weight training or for general gym wear. Mallet styles are comfortable shoes — you won’t feel fatigued even after hours of walking in them and they’re good for standing in for long periods of time.

Are Mallet trainers true to size?

Yes, as a general rule, mallet shoes fit true to size. However the Almorah model breaks this rule, fitting larger than usual.

Do Mallets come up big or small?

Only the Almorah series comes up big, the rest are generally true to size.

Do Mallet shoes make you taller?

Yes Mallet shoes are much larger than average, they’ve got a thick 4.5 cm sole that definitely adds a considerable amount to your height. In the sneaker industry this is considered a much larger than average elevation.

What is Tommy Mallet’s business?

Tommy Mallet came to fame through ITV’s hit show, ‘The Only Way is Essex’. Today he’s a shoe designer, owning his own brand of trainers, named after his surname, Mallet. Tommy is the creative director, and founder with Mallet Shoes now being his main focus.