Wearing New Balance With Chinos – The Ultimate Styling Guide

As combinations go, a fresh pair of New Balance with a clean pair of chinos is a tried and tested classic. But if you’re having problems weighing up New Balance shoe to pair, look no further, you’ve landed at the right place! This New Balance Styling Guide will bring you everything you need to know about wearing New Balances with chino pants. We discuss how to style this combo, which New Balance shoes work with chinos and all other styling advice you’ll need.

How to style New Balance with Chinos

New Balance has been a mainstay for many over the years, increasing in popularity massively since the recent Dad Shoe trend. Before this, New Balance shoes have been popular to many people because they’re incredibly easy to style. The clean aesthetic, durability and neutral colourways on the likes of the 574 or the 393 have made New Balance kicks a staple with chinos for many of the years.

Built to last and working well across all seasons, classic New Balance have been a popular choice for decades, especially alongside chinos.

For decades a straight leg pair of chinos have been seen commonly with a classic pair of New Balance sneakers. Khaki or Olive Chinos usually become the staple trouser option for Grey New Balances like the 2002r or the 993, known for bringing that “Dad shoe” vibe. If you want to master the Dad look, opt for regular-fitting chino pants. Alternatively go full BBQ mode and switch up the chinos, for Denim shorts to really nail that look!

Common chino pants colours are usually Khaki, Grey, and Olive. This makes it easy to choose the right New Balance sneakers as a lot of NB style will compliment these colours.

What New Balance pairs work well with Chinos or casual trousers?

Below we’ll discuss each New Balance trainers that work well with Chinos or casual trousers. Let’s check them out one by one!

New Balance 327

The New Balance 327 is one of the more modern lifestyle shoes from the Boston-based brand. The NB 327 may look vintage, but was in fact released in 2020, The NB 327 quickly made waves thanks to its debut colourway, a collab with Casablanca. Since then, the shoe has become incredibly popular, becoming a staple pair in high street stores across the country.

Its thick midsole, narrow shape and large N logo on the lateral side make the shoe a great partner for chino pants. The design features of look of the shoe also gives it a retro throwback look despite being a modern sneaker. You can wear no-show socks for a more minimalist approach or stick with a pair of fresh white socks. As with most New Balance shoes, this is a very comfortable sneaker.

Where to Buy New Balance 327?

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New Balance 574

Considered to be the most famous pair from New Balance’s lifestyle shoe range, the New Balance 574 is a classic in the New Balance catalogue and has become an essential every day shoe for many. Why so? Well, because this pair works with loads of fits, is incredibly comfortable and can take an absolute beating!

The shoe looks chunky enough to be a Dad shoe, works just right with a pair of chinos and is priced well enough to be a daily trainer that still carries clout, with the likes of Stone Island selecting this silhouette for their 2023 Legacy Collab. Perfect for casual outfits, skinny jeans and chinos.

A pair of jeans or chinos usually works really well with the New Balance 574. But with a huge variety of colourways releasing across the colour wheel, cargo pants are also getting the spotlight.

Where to Buy New Balance 574?

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New Balance 997H

The New Balance 997H is the revamped version of the original New Balance 997 from 1991. While similar, the former features a more toned-down look to provide a more lightweight ride.

A large amount of NB 997H colourways appear in loud and eye-catching colourways. But if you’re looking for a simple pair to wear with chino trousers, you can find loads of neutral pairs to your liking. Whether it’s Black and White or the classic Grey “dad shoe” makeover, the New Balance 997H has it all, it’s one of their top performing lines, priced very competitively, with a huge variety of sizing and colour options.

Multiple colourways continue to release year on year. With the most choice of sale and new release pairs being purchased direct from the New Balance Site.

Where to Buy New Balance 997H?

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New Balance 237

Just like the New Balance 327, the 237 is a modern trainer released in the 2020s with a design inspired by vintage running shoes. The New Balance 237 primarily takes design cues from 70s New Balance trainers seen previously in this article. No wonder both pairs are popular among old and new generations as this style has got that mass appeal. 

Chino pants are also the way to go if you want quick and easy style. Pair your shoes with a neutral pair of chinos and a simple sweat / jacket in neutral colours to get the best out of your casual outfit.

Whether you opt for coloured chino pants or not, the New Balance 237 is a well priced new release New Balance banger.

Where to Buy New Balance 237?

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New Balance 393

Looking for a New Balance lifestyle shoe that has stood the test of time and doesn’t need raffles and bots to cop? Check out the New Balance 393. There’s nothing hyped about this shoe, but it definitely carries that vintage New Balance look and is incredibly easy to style with chinos.

The low-top shoe features a mesh base upper with suede overlays covering most of the body. Iconic N logos on the sides give the shoe its identity. 393 labels can be found on the tongue.

As a vintage-inspired shoe, the New Balance 393 incorporates a thin dual-density EVA wedge midsole. Whilst little from this show has changed over the years. The style is classic, well priced and will be comfortable enough to last you all day.

Where to Buy New Balance 393?

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Should I crop my trousers at the bottom?

This depends on the type of trousers you’re wearing. Slim-fit trousers are better left uncropped, while regular-fitting pants will vary depending on the length. If you feel like the trousers are covering most of your footwear, you can crop them to around ankle length. Cropped pants are usually worn by those who want their kicks to stand out or socks to be visible.

Most prefer leaving their trousers as it is, but it really depends on personal preference and how you want to show off the kicks you’ve got on. If you want this look but are eager to avoid cropping trousers at the bottom, you will want to consider opting for a short leg trouser.

What socks work well when wearing New Balance with Chinos?

This is subjective and will depend completely on personal preference. For many, ankle socks are the best types of socks to wear with New Balance shoes. Most NB lifestyle creps tend to be low-cut, making no-show socks or low socks also suitable for some.

For others, like myself, crew socks are a go to with everything. Whether mid length or high going up half your leg, they’re easy to wear, comfortable and most importantly, they’ll keep you warn through the Winter months!

To finish the look, you can also rock a pair of New Balance logo socks to show off your loyalty to the brand. Available here.

Can I wear New Balance with Cargo pants?

Yes, cargos are great for NB shoes. Most cargo pants will work well with most styles of New Balance sneakers but those with a chunky build like the 550 will work especially well. Whether these are the Grey “dad shoes” or colourful pairs, you can rock cargo pants any way you like. That’s what makes them versatile. plus you get the benefit of having extra pockets too! – Always a massive selling feature for cargos.

How to style New Balance with Jeans?

Regular jeans and slim-fitting jeans work well with most New Balance sneakers. If you’re a fan of classic styles or the modern Dad look, you can opt for regular jeans. If you want something a little more modern, baggy fit or tapered are all other options. Please let skinny jeans die!

Denim hues are still extremely popular choices today. On the other hand, ripped jeans and acid wash styles boast suitable looks for modern New Balance trainers, think 2002R, 9060, and the 990v6 among many others. Black jeans and navy or black denim jeans are usually standard go to choices to compliment a New Balance shoe.

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