Nike Manoa Boot Size Guide & Review

It’s no secret that Nike is best known famously for their extensive sportswear and lifestyle range. What you may not be aware of is they actually have a good line-up of high-quality walking boots, one of the highlights of this selection being the Nike Manoa. 

The Nike Manoa boot was first released way back in 1989 as a part of Nike’s All Conditions Gear (ACG) range.

They were initially marketed as hiking boots but over the years, these boots have taken up a lot of features from classic trainers to become a boot-sneaker hybrid that is great for everyday wear. 

However, there’s more to this shoe than meets the eye – and a lot of people are often split on whether or not the Manoa boot is right for them.

So, if you are looking at the Manoa boot either for suitable hiking footwear or just as a boot for day-to-day wear, check out the guide below for more information!

About The Nike Manoa Boot

As we mentioned earlier, the Nike Manoa boot made its debut in 1989 as a part of Nike ACG. The line was a huge success with adventurers and hikers, and many picked up a pair of Manoa boots to wear for rough terrain hiking. 

However, over the years, Nike has made a lot of changes to the Nike Manoa boot. It’s taken up a lot of sneaker-like features including the plush insole for comfort and a sleeker silhouette.

However, they still have the large lugs and rugged rubber outsole that most hiking boots feature as they help improve the shoe’s traction, reducing the chances of any dangerous slips or slides while you hike. 

The real leather upper also helps keep water and cold air out of your feet for more comfortable, weatherproof wear.

Its snug design helps trap the heat of your feet within your shoes to keep out any chill – which is partially why so many people started to purchase the Nike Manoa boots for everyday wear. 

While they were great hiking books decades ago, more and more people have picked up the Nike Manoa boots as their go-to winter footwear.

The improved traction helps you keep a better grip on ice and snow, and the snug fit keeps your feet protected from harsh cold weather. 

This has led Nike to start to combine their Manoa boots with more sneaker-like designs and features to help make them more suitable for everyday urban wear.

This means they are an all-rounder type of shoe, with soft midsoles for comfort, but are they as great fort for hiking as they used to be?

Yes, they can still handle a summer or winter hike with no problem – If you are thinking of heading out onto really rough terrain with boulders and tons of sharp rocks, the Nike Manoa is a great option to taake on the trail as well as through the city.

Whilst the Nike Manoa boots no longer feature the classic ACG branding, the shoes design remains true to it’s hiking origins and remains true to its roots as a sturdy, versatile hiking boot.

Today, it’s a hybrid between trendy sneaker and classic hiking boot, meaning the shoe can be worn trail walking as well out through the city. The developments Nike has made to the Manoa make the boot suitable for all people to enjoy as a comfortable, day-to-day urban boot that is durable enough to withstand harsh winter weather. 

Nike Manoa Boots Size Guide

If you have your heart set on a pair of Nike Manoa boots, then it’s time to work out what size you should order them in. Check out the information below to find out what size Manoa boots work best for your shoe size! 

Are Nike Manoa Boots True To Size? 

Nike Manoa boots are indeed true to size. This means that when you are buying a pair of Nike Manoa boots, you should buy them in your regular shoe size. 

A lot of shoes can vary in size due to their design or how much padding is in the insole. It’s not uncommon to pick up a pair of shoes in your regular size only to find they feel too small or too big and you should’ve gone up or down half a size. 

Luckily, with most Nike shoes, this isn’t the case. Their Manoa boots fit very true to size so they are super easy to purchase quickly online and start wearing immediately! So go true to size against they typical Nike shoe size.

One important thing to note is that the Nike Manoa may feel slightly stiff for the first few hikes. This is normal, so expect a small wearing in period before this shoe starts to feel really comfortable. – WE have personal experience racking up miles in this boot!

Are Men’s Sizes The Same As Women’s Sizes?

In the UK, men’s shoes and women’s shoes are made to be the same size, however, women’s shoes tend to be a little narrower. 

However, elsewhere in the world, women’s shoes are made to be a lot smaller than men’s.

This can cause a lot of confusion (especially in the US where some states use a different scale to their neighbour) so if you are purchasing your Nike Manoa boots from abroad, always double-check the UK size! 

How To Style The Nike Manoa Boots

The Nike Manoa boots are a modern cross between a traditional hiking boot and a comfortable everyday sneaker. They are bulky, rugged, and weatherproof – which makes them an ideal type of footwear for the outdoors in any season. 

This means that when it comes to styles and outfits, you’re wither wearing Nike Manoa boots with hiking brands, think ACG, Arc-Teryx, The North Face etc or with you standard city fit.

Nike has even kept winter wear in mind when designing the Manoa boots as the laces are easy to grip even when wearing thick gloves. 

Of course, if you are going hiking, your Nike Manoa boots will suit your regular hiking gear. Wear clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for this kind of exercise, and the black leather of a classic pair of Nike Manoa boots will match anything. 

For everyday wear, Nike Manoa boots are a great option to go with a pair of cargos or loose fit jeans

The black colour palette works great with everything from a casual t-shirt and jeans to cargos, baggy hoody and beanie.

The mustard yellow type of Nike Manoa boots are far more casual and are better for a ‘lumberjack’ aesthetic (chequered shirts, jeans, leather belts) – so keep this in mind when choosing what colour you want for your Nike Manoa boots. 

Where Can I Buy The Nike Manoa Boots? 

In the UK, there are many different places where you can purchase your pair of Manoa boots.

There is, of course, Nike itself through the company’s website for the biggest range but it’s worth browsing third-party retailers like Foot Locker, which all sell Nike Manoa boots.

You can also purchase a good quality pair of Nike Manoa boots on after sale markets like eBay or StockX

Check out the list below for links! 





Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nike Manoa Boots Waterproof? 

The Nike Manoa boot is waterproof, making it a great option for wet days with a lot of rain and puddles. This is because they use a lot of real leather in their construction which makes them totally waterproof. 

Are Nike Manoa Boots Hiking Boots? 

The Nike Manoa boots are designed to be strong yet supportive, taking inspiration from traditional designs of rugged hiking boots.

However, there are elements of the Nike Manoa which make it better for all-day use around urban areas – but many also wear their pair of Nike Manoa boots on off-road terrains like forest paths. 

Overall, the Nike Manoa is better suited for a summer hike or hikes through very light snow.

If you are expecting to be traversing over some seriously rough terrain including over boulders or high mountains, then you may want to find a sturdier type of footwear. 

Are Nike Manoa Boots Good For Winter? 

The Nike Manoa boots are a great type of footwear for winter – Nike even advertised them as so! This is because they are snug and waterproof so they can withstand wind, rain, and even light snow.

However, it’s best not to wear them if you are walking through a lot of heavy snow!


The Manoa boots from Nike are a great combination between an everyday trainer and a sturdy boot for harsher weather.

It has a ton of benefits that a lot of people could really benefit from, especially when the weather turns colder. These boots are not only comfortable but protective – and a great choice for facing traditional British weather. 

If you want to purchase yourself a pair of Nike Manoa boots, then check out the guide above first for advice on styling and sizing!