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Drop Date: 09/03/2024

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Style: adidas

RRP: £ 90

Colourway: Blue Blink/Wonder Clay/Sand Strata

Style Code: IG1640

The adidas Gazelle Indoor “Blue Blink” IG1640 revives a trainer that originally gained popularity in 1971, maintaining its legacy in the modern footwear landscape. Transitioning from its origins as a training shoe to becoming an emblem of casual wear, this iteration is designed with a focus on quality and comfort. The sneaker features a premium suede upper that snugly wraps around the foot, ensuring both durability and a comfortable fit for daily wear.


Further enhancing the shoe’s appeal, a leather lining offers a smooth feel against the skin, complementing the iconic adidas 3-Stripes that adorn the sides for a touch of tradition. The rubber outsole, designed for longevity and effective traction, grants the shoe a functional edge, making it suitable for a variety of settings, from casual outings to more adventurous exploits.


This model is distinguished by its “Blue Blink/Wonder Clay/Sand Strata” colourway, which adds a vibrant yet sophisticated touch to the sneaker’s overall design. The choice of hues contributes to the shoe’s unique character, making it a standout piece that harmonises well with a range of wardrobe choices.


With a regular fit and lace closure, the adidas Gazelle Indoor “Blue Blink” offers a nod to its rich history while addressing the practical needs of wearers today. It emerges as a noteworthy choice for individuals seeking footwear that combines the heritage of adidas with the demands of modern living, encapsulating a blend of historical depth and practical utility.


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