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Drop Date: 19/03/2024

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Style: adidas

RRP: £ 90.00

Colourway: Semi Spark/Clay

Style Code: IE2959

The adidas Gazelle Indoor “Semi Spark Clay” IE2959 revisits a design cherished by various subcultures throughout the ’80s, offering a fresh take on a classic silhouette. Inspired by the Handball Spezial, this model features a nylon upper, which is complemented by the addition of smooth leather and suede, enhancing the shoe’s durability and providing a refined texture. The incorporation of pale red 3-Stripes along the sidewalls serves as a subtle yet impactful design detail, tying the sneaker back to its rich cultural roots.


A standout feature of this iteration is the translucent gum sole, chosen for its ability to offer both a unique visual element and functional durability. The inclusion of silver foiling as a final touch reflects a commitment to preserving the Gazelle’s heritage while introducing elements that appeal to modern sensibilities. This approach ensures that the sneaker remains relevant and appealing to today’s audience, blending historical significance with contemporary design considerations.


Constructed with a leather and textile upper and a synthetic sole, the Gazelle Indoor is designed for those who appreciate sneakers that offer both comfort and a connection to a broader cultural narrative. The “Semi Spark Clay” colourway and thoughtful material choices reflect adidas’ ongoing dialogue with its past, presenting a sneaker that is as versatile as it is historically significant. This model is particularly appealing to individuals who value the fusion of performance, history, and design in their footwear.


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