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Drop Date: 01/05/2024

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Style: adidas

RRP: £ 65

Colourway: Shadow Olive / Shadow Olive / Shadow Olive

Style Code: IE0758

The adidas Superstar Mule “Shadow Olive” IE0758 transforms the iconic Superstar sneaker into a mule, retaining the signature elements such as the shell toe while adapting the design for easy slip-on functionality. The construction utilises Adifom, a material praised for its cushioning qualities, ensuring comfort from the moment you step in. This design decision makes the mule ideal for quick outings or casual day-to-day wear, providing the practicality of a slip-on shoe without compromising on the essential features of the original model.


In terms of sustainability, the Superstar Mule is crafted with at least 20% renewable materials, including bio-synthetic components derived from plant feedstock. This approach not only reduces reliance on finite resources but also supports the environment by decreasing the ecological footprint of the production process. By integrating these materials, adidas moves towards more sustainable production methods, reflecting a commitment to reducing environmental impact across its product lines.


Furthermore, the purchase of this model supports regenerative organic cotton agriculture, which aims to restore soil health and increase biodiversity. This initiative is part of a broader strategy by adidas to promote sustainable agricultural practices within the fashion industry. Consumers choosing the Superstar Mule “Shadow Olive” are therefore not only acquiring a comfortable and practical footwear option but also contributing to positive environmental practices that benefit both the planet and future generations.


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