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Drop Date: 18/10/2023

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Style: adidas

RRP: £ 600

Colourway: Off White/Black/Easy Yellow

Style Code: IG2936

The Gendo Superstar “Off White Black” IG2936 from Adidas Y-3 marks an innovative milestone in the ongoing collaboration between Adidas and renowned designer Yohji Yamamoto. This particular sneaker showcases a daring approach to design, intertwining the classic Superstar model with a groundbreaking hollowed-out TPU plate—a creation born from Adidas’ innovation team.


Emphasizing a future-forward mindset, the upper of the Y-3 Gendo Superstar stays true to one of Adidas’ most iconic silhouettes. However, it unmistakably sets itself apart through its innovative and daring characteristics, making it a standout piece in the Y-3 collection. The hollow TPU plate, a central element of the design, embraces the Japanese concept of negative space, where emptiness contributes meaningfully to the overall shape and experience of the shoe. This design philosophy results in a sneaker that you don’t just see but also feel and experience on a deeper level.


To further enhance the sneaker’s appeal, Yohji Yamamoto’s signature is meticulously carved onto the TPU plate, seamlessly integrating with other hallmark features of the Adidas Superstar, including the rubber shell toe. This thoughtful combination of elements results in a sneaker that pays homage to the past while firmly standing in the future.


The shoe also boasts a premium leather upper, providing a luxurious feel and nodding to high-quality craftsmanship. Accompanying this is a combination of leather and suede for the lining, ensuring a soft, comfortable embrace for the foot.


For the closure, the sneaker features a traditional lace-up design, offering a secure and adjustable fit. Beneath the foot, an EVA midsole works in harmony with the TPU midsole plate and polyurethane outsole, delivering a harmonious balance of innovation, comfort, and stability.




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