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Drop Date: 11/03/2022

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Style: adidas

RRP: £ 75

Colourway: Mist/Mist-Mist

Style Code: GV6774

For all Yeezy fans and adidas enthusiasts, this is footwear that you don’t ever want to “Mist”. More neutral tones hit the in-demand adidas Yeezy Foam Runner. This time, the Yeezy Foam Runner “Mist” flexes brown hues all over the clog. Still catching attention to this day despite the mixed views among the sneaker community.


The moment the adidas Yeezy Foam Runner arrived, the footwear industry again changed as we know it. Well this time, it made an impact on the aesthetics of popular clogs and slip-ons, specifically the Crocs. The rubber overall and multiple cut-outs on the upper reminded people about the similarities between the two. Nevertheless, the Foam Runner is one of the most popular adidas models right now.


Introduced in 2020, the Yeezy Foam Runner is a slip-on clog made with sustainable materials. Processed algae make up most of the shoe, while EVA foam reinforces the sole. Yeezy and adidas have been pretty active with the brand’s usage of recycled content.


Various holes and cutouts in different sizes allow enough ventilation to flow amidst the one-piece rubber construction.


Underneath the shoe is a full-length wavy traction pattern with craters on key areas for foam compression.


While it looks unique, the Yeezy Foam Runner quickly sold out anyway; and is now one of the most coveted pairs among Yeezy fans.


This Yeezy Foam Runner “Mist” arrives in a lighter Brown shade similar to most neutral tones that adidas released lately. Definitely going to be another must-cop for his followers.


With no signs of slowing down, expect an official release of these Foam Runners in March 2022.


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