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Drop Date: 21/10/2023

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Style: Air Jordan 1 Zoom

RRP: £ 165

Colourway: Black / Black / Pale Ivory

Style Code: FQ8155-010

Step into the world of sneaker greatness as we dive deep into the captivating Air Jordan 1 High Zoom CMFT 2 “Familia” FQ8155-010. This exceptional sneaker is a true head-turner, seamlessly fusing a bold design with a heartfelt homage to the traditional Mexican holiday, The Day of the Dead. If you thought sneakers were just about style, think again – the Jordan 1 High Zoom Air CMFT 2 series is making waves among sneaker enthusiasts for its perfect blend of heritage and innovation.


Picture this: at first glance, this sneaker seems elegantly cloaked in dark canvas, but as you look closer, its intricate details come to life. The upper, a harmonious blend of black and silver, subtly pays homage to the worn aesthetics found in Latin America’s rich archaeological heritage. Faded textures gracefully grace the mudguard, eyestays, and collar, creating a tangible connection to the region’s historical opulence.


But the real magic lies in the details. As you scrutinize further, you’ll discover delicate embroidered floral patterns adorning the toebox and sidewalls. A skull, donning a traditional feathered headdress, adds a touch of golden elegance to the lateral heel, inspired by the vibrant carnival attire that sweeps through Spanish-speaking territories.


Yet, this sneaker isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a celebration of culture. With the spirit of Día de Muertos coursing through its veins, this design pays a heartfelt tribute to the rich heritage of Hispanic culture. If you’re in search of more than just flashy colour combinations and crave a statement that speaks through subtlety, these Air Jordans deserve a place in your collection.


And let’s not forget about the sole – a true innovation. The Jordan 1 High Zoom Air CMFT 2 boasts Zoom Air cushioning stacked into the heel. Not only does it provide an unparalleled level of comfort for a traditional silhouette, but it also infuses each step with a delightful bounce, making these sneakers a versatile choice for both casual and sporty wear.


In summary, the Jordan 1 High Zoom Air CMFT 2 “Dia de los Muertos” FQ8155-010 presents a captivating blend of celebration, tradition, and comfort, all wrapped in a silhouette that commands attention in the sneaker world.



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