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Drop Date: 21/03/2024

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Style: Air Jordan 2

RRP: £ 144.99

Colourway: White / Pink

Style Code: FQ3228-100

At the heart of the Air Jordan 2 Low Cherry Blossom Edition lies a meticulous design crafted to evoke the tranquil allure of Japan in springtime. The shoe features a pristine white leather upper adorned with a delicate pink gradient motif, elegantly sweeping across the heel, overlays, and outsole.


Drawing inspiration from Japan’s rich cultural heritage, the Air Jordan 2 Low Cherry Blossom Edition incorporates vibrant green accents throughout its design. These accents serve as a symbolic nod to the cultural significance of Japan’s spring festivals, adding depth and meaning to the shoe’s aesthetic. Notably, the right shoe boasts a new tongue branding, featuring a Jumpman icon encircled by cherry blossoms, further highlighting the fusion of basketball heritage with Japanese tradition.


The attention to detail extends beyond the shoe itself, with the Air Jordan 2 Low Cherry Blossom Edition offering buyers a complete sensory experience. Each pair comes nestled within a custom-designed box adorned with illustrations of Mount Fuji and intricate cherry blossom motifs, setting the stage for an immersive journey into Japanese culture. Additionally, buyers will discover a specially engraved coin pendant accompanying their purchase, serving as a tangible memento of Japan’s captivating springtime allure.


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