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Drop Date: 16/08/2023

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Style: Stadium 90

RRP: £ 129.95

Colourway: Sail/Black/Brown Kelp

Style Code: FB2269-102

The WMNS Jordan Stadium 90 “Sail Brown Kelp” FB2269-102 embodies the essence of sneaker culture with its flawless design, distinct attributes, and storied past. It occupies a special niche within Michael Jordan’s line of signature shoes, making it a cherished selection for sneaker aficionados.


Now, let’s explore the prominent traits of this shoe, commencing with its captivating visual charisma. The Jordan Stadium 90 in Brown Kelp shade harmoniously blends natural tones and pristine white accents, resulting in a rejuvenating and aesthetically gratifying fusion. This interplay of hues amplifies the intricate textures, culminating in a remarkable overall visual.


The design adeptly fuses elements of urban street style with a contemporary interpretation of sneaker enthusiast culture. Each minutiae, from meticulously etched stitching to the stylish Jordan emblem on the tongue, reflects an unwavering dedication to artistry and trend.


An exceptional facet of the Jordan Stadium 90 is its premium leather composition, augmenting its visual allure and ensuring remarkable sturdiness. Noteworthy innovations encompass a sleek fastening system for a secure fit, matched with an oversized tongue that contributes to its authoritative design.


Another notable feature lies in the ingeniously engineered outsole, enhancing unbeatable comfort and endurance. The outsole transcends mere functional support, showcasing exceptional footwear craftsmanship through precisely etched grooved patterns that furnish exceptional traction. Vital air cushioning further elevates comfort, whether navigating urban pathways or participating in intense basketball matches.


The design culminates with the iconic Nike Swoosh elegantly imprinted on the lateral side, signifying its significance to sneaker devotees worldwide and imparting a dash of elegance.



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