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Drop Date: 09/12/2023

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Style: Asics

RRP: £ 160.00

Colourway: Light Blue/Dark Mint

Style Code: 1011B699-401

The Asics Fuji Speed 2 “Light Blue Bright Orange” 1011B699-401 is specifically developed for trail runners focused on achieving top speed on their runs. Recognised as Asics’ quickest trail shoe to date, it incorporates a design ethos centred on lightness and freedom, allowing runners to navigate trails without restriction. The integration of a lightweight structure ensures that speed is not compromised, enabling a more liberated running experience.


Key to its performance is the incorporation of a full-length carbon plate, strategically engineered to efficiently transfer energy forward. This feature significantly reduces the effort needed to reach higher speeds. Complementing this, the FF BLAST™ PLUS foam contributes to the shoe’s minimal weight while maximising responsiveness, creating an environment conducive to rapid trail running. Furthermore, the shoe is equipped with a specially designed lightweight upper, which plays a crucial role in reducing overall weight and enhancing the runner’s ability to move swiftly.


Undergone rigorous testing at Asics’ Institute of Sports Science (ISS) in Japan, the Fuji Speed 2 has been refined to meet the specific needs of trail runners seeking speed. With a combination of advanced energy redirection, lightweight foam, and a tailored upper, the Asics Fuji Speed 2 stands out for those prioritising speed, efficiency, and an unencumbered run on diverse trail conditions.


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