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Drop Date: 31/12/2023

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Style: Asics

RRP: £ 115

Colourway: Vanilla/White Sage

Style Code: 1201A255-252

The Asics Gel 1130 “Piedmont Grey” 1201A255-022 marks a significant advancement in the GEL-1000™ series, drawing upon decades of design evolution to cater to the modern runner’s requirements. This model employs suede overlays to enhance its durability, a feature particularly beneficial for runners who traverse a variety of terrains and demand a shoe that can withstand wear and tear. Beneath these overlays lies a mesh underlay, optimising the sneaker’s breathability and ensuring that comfort is maintained throughout extended periods of activity.


A notable innovation within this sneaker is the introduction of a Dope-dyed sockliner, reflecting Asics’ commitment to reducing environmental impact without compromising the quality and performance of the footwear. This eco-conscious component not only contributes to the shoe’s sustainability credentials but also provides essential cushioning, supporting the foot and improving the overall running experience. Furthermore, the inclusion of a rubber outsole is pivotal, offering robust traction that adapts to outdoor environments, ensuring runners have the stability and grip necessary for confident strides across diverse surfaces.


The Asics Gel 1130 “Piedmont Grey” encapsulates the fusion of functional design with forward-thinking features, presenting a running shoe that meets the contemporary demands of active individuals. This sneaker, with its construction that balances durability and breathability, along with environmentally conscious innovations and reliable traction, specifically caters to those seeking a blend of performance, comfort, and sustainability in their footwear choices. With its roots deeply embedded in Asics’ rich heritage, the Gel 1130 “Piedmont Grey” stands as a testament to the brand’s ongoing dedication to innovation and excellence in running technology.


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