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Drop Date: 01/02/2024

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Style: Asics

RRP: £ 255.00

Colourway: Mid Grey/Pure Silver

Style Code: 1203A270-022

The Asics Gel Quantum Kinetic “Mid Grey Pure Silver” 1203A270-022 presents an innovative approach to sneaker design, focusing on the integration of experimental engineering and functional details tailored for everyday use. The sneaker is crafted for those who seek versatility in urban environments, featuring technical components that enhance its performance capabilities. The upper is a sophisticated blend of synthetic leathers and various mesh panels, designed to offer improved comfort and breathability, making it ideal for the rigours of daily activities.


Drawing inspiration from Asics’ esteemed running shoe franchises, such as the GEL-NIMBUS and GEL-KINETIC, the Gel Quantum Kinetic boasts an advanced aesthetic that pays homage to the brand’s legacy in performance footwear. This model captures the essence of Asics’ design philosophy, combining a modern look with elements from its iconic series to create a sneaker that stands out in both form and function.


Central to the sneaker’s design is the midsole, developed with insights from the ASICS Institute of Sport Science. It incorporates Scutoid GEL technology, featuring a unique 3D geometry and an off-axis structure that significantly improves shock absorption. This technology is specifically optimised for daily scenarios, such as commuting in urban settings or enduring long periods of standing, offering unparalleled support and comfort. The Asics Gel Quantum Kinetic “Mid Grey Pure Silver” is a testament to Asics’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of sneaker technology, providing a solution that meets the demands of contemporary urban life.


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