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Drop Date: 04/06/2023

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Style: Asics

RRP: £ 195.00

Colourway: Glow Yellow/Aquamarine

Style Code: 1013A127-750

The Asics Superblast “Glow Yellow Aquamarine” 1013A127-750 introduces a significant evolution within the BLAST series, catering to runners in need of a shoe that combines lightness with responsiveness. This model is adept at accommodating a broad spectrum of running exercises, including both extensive endurance runs and quicker tempo sessions, making it a versatile addition to any runner’s collection.


This shoe’s design features an asymmetric mesh upper, incorporating contrasting colours on the medial and lateral sides for added visual interest, while prioritising breathability and comfort. Such design considerations ensure the shoe remains comfortable over various distances, supporting the runner’s performance without compromise.


Central to its appeal is the midsole’s innovative use of FF BLAST PLUS and FF BLAST TURBO cushioning, technologies that are also employed in Asics’ high-performance METASPEED racing models. These cushioning systems are engineered to create an exceptionally buoyant and responsive running experience, aimed at maximising energy return and facilitating a dynamic toe-off. The Superblast “Glow Yellow Aquamarine” thus stands out for its ability to deliver advanced cushioning solutions, appealing to runners looking for superior performance and efficiency in their footwear.


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