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Drop Date: 02/08/2023

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Brand: Chuck 70

RRP: £ 115

Colourway: Noble Blue/Black/Yellow

Style Code: A04523C

The Converse Chuck 70 AT-CX High “Noble Blue Black” A04523C features durability and comfort, designed for urban and outdoor use. Made from woven polyester ripstop, the upper is resilient against daily wear, ensuring longevity. The inclusion of CX foam cushioning provides lightweight support for all-day wear, adapting to the wearer’s movements for optimal comfort.


A TPU bosey toe adds to the shoe’s durability, protecting against abrasion and keeping the shoe in good condition over time. Flat, knit polyester laces allow for a secure, adjustable fit, giving wearers the ability to customise the tightness as needed.


The sneaker is finished with a diamond lugged traction outsole for superior grip on a variety of surfaces, enhancing stability for city walks or outdoor adventures.


With its mix of durable materials, advanced cushioning technology, and robust construction, the Converse Chuck 70 AT-CX High “Noble Blue Black” caters to those with an active lifestyle. It stands as a reliable option for individuals seeking a hard-wearing addition to their footwear collection.


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