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Drop Date: 08/11/2023

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Brand: Chuck Taylor All Star

RRP: £ 115

Colourway: Engine Smoke/Squirmy Worm Brown

Style Code: A04474C

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Utility All Terrain High “Squirmy Worm Brown” A04474C offers a perfect blend of comfort and durability for outdoor enthusiasts. This high-top sneaker boasts an upper made from 16oz non-wicking canvas and waterproof leather, ensuring your feet remain dry under various weather conditions.


OrthoLite cushioning underfoot provides lasting support throughout the day, ideal for those spending long hours on their feet. The addition of a quilted tongue not only brings extra warmth, making the sneaker a go-to choice for cooler weather, but also boosts overall foot comfort.


The sneaker features 100% polyester, round, non-wicking laces that retain their functionality in wet conditions, avoiding water absorption and maintaining their performance. The traction outsole ensures a firm grip on diverse terrains, enhancing stability and confidence whether navigating urban streets or tackling natural trails.


Focusing on essential features like weather-resistant materials, cushioning that prevents fatigue, and a grip-enhancing outsole, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Utility All Terrain High “Squirmy Worm Brown” caters to those leading an active lifestyle. It stands as a prime selection for individuals who demand footwear that keeps pace with their outdoor adventures, offering both functionality and durability.


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