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Drop Date: 03/05/2023

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Style: Clog

RRP: £ 74.99

Colourway: Bone

Style Code: 207988-2Y2

The Crocs Mega Crush Clog “Bone” 207988-2Y2 is an evolution of the Classic Clog, introducing several functional updates that enhance its overall performance and usability. This new version is equipped with an enhanced rubber tread, specifically designed to improve traction. This makes the clog suitable for a variety of surfaces, increasing its versatility for different environments. Additionally, the clog features detailed texturing around the outsole, heel, toe box, and collar, not only for an added visual dimension but also for increased durability and comfort.


Personalisation remains a key aspect of the Crocs experience, and the Mega Crush Clog continues this tradition. The clog’s backstrap and upper are compatible with Jibbitz™ charms, allowing wearers to customise their footwear according to their personal tastes or preferences. This level of customisation is a nod to individual expression, providing a unique way for wearers to make the footwear their own.


Moreover, the Mega Crush Clog incorporates Iconic Crocs Comfort™, ensuring that it remains lightweight and flexible while offering 360-degree comfort. This makes the clog an ideal choice for those who value comfort without sacrificing the practical aspects of footwear. Whether used for casual outings or more active endeavours, the Mega Crush Clog “Bone” combines important functional features with the comfort and customisability that Crocs wearers have come to expect.


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