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Drop Date: 08/12/2023

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Brand: All-Pro Nitro

RRP: £ 109.99

Colourway: White

Style Code: 379303-01

Introducing the Gremlins x Puma All-Pro Nitro “Gizmo and Stripe” 379303-01.


Venturing back to the ’80s, PUMA Hoops collaborates with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products in a nostalgic fusion. This exclusive partnership pays homage to the iconic characters Gizmo and the notorious Gremlin leader, Stripe, from the timeless 1984 movie Gremlins.


The standout element of this collection? A striking pair of shoes that deftly blend style and symbolism. One shoe is the embodiment of Gizmo, while the other captures the essence of Stripe. It’s not merely about aesthetics; it’s a representation of the inherent duality of these iconic characters, accentuated by their respective heads adorning the heels.


Beyond the eye-catching design, the All-Pro Nitro ‘Gizmo and Stripe’ seamlessly marries fashion with cutting-edge technology. The NITRO foam in the midsole offers exceptional cushioning and responsiveness, catering to both athletes and casual wearers. The advanced grip outsole ensures stability and traction on various surfaces, elevating the overall performance of these sneakers.


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