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Drop Date: 22/04/2024

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Style: Stay Loyal 3

RRP: £ 109.99

Colourway: White/Green Glow

Style Code: FB1396-103

In the world of sneaker culture, understanding one’s origins is crucial to moving forward. Embracing this philosophy, the Jordan Stay Loyal 3 “White Green Glow” FB1396-103 pays homage to the esteemed legacy of Air Jordan while embracing contemporary sensibilities.


The Stay Loyal 3 epitomises versatility, seamlessly marrying minimalist design with the cloud-like cushioning reminiscent of the Air Jordan 4. From its exterior to its core, this shoe exudes adaptability, ensuring it complements various styles and occasions. Essentially, it’s a fusion of timeless craftsmanship with modern ingenuity, offering enduring appeal with proven durability.


A key feature lies in its construction, where elements from the iconic AJ4 seamlessly merge into both the upper and the midsole. This infusion of heritage lends an unmistakable air of authenticity to the Stay Loyal 3. Crafted with a blend of leather and textiles, the upper not only exudes robustness but also reflects a commitment to longevity—a shoe designed to endure the test of time.


Furthermore, the integration of Nike Air technology enhances the wearer’s experience by providing unrivalled cushioning with every stride. This innovative feature ensures that each step taken in the Stay Loyal 3 delivers utmost comfort, making it suitable for both casual wear and active pursuits.


Practicality meets refinement with thoughtful additions such as the heel pull-tab, facilitating effortless wearability—a subtle yet significant detail that underscores the shoe’s dedication to convenience.


In terms of aesthetics, subtle yet impactful details abound, from the embroidered Jumpman on the tongue to the meticulously screen-printed logos. These elements serve as visual nods to the shoe’s heritage while asserting its place in the sneaker landscape.


In summary, the Jordan Stay Loyal 3 “White Green Glow” FB1396-103 stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Air Jordan, reimagined for the modern wearer. With its blend of heritage-inspired design elements, innovative technology, and timeless appeal, this shoe is poised to accompany you every step of the way.


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