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Drop Date: 04/09/2021

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Style: Karhu

RRP: £ 110

Colourway: Curry/Golden Palm

Style Code: F803070

Karhu’s popular retro runner returns in 2021. This Karhu Aria 95 “Curry / Golden Palm” brings a lively detail with its vibrant pigments. Just exactly what we’re looking for in a lifestyle trainer.


The original Karhu Aria silhouette dates back to 1995 when it was the brand’s running footwear selection. It offers plush comfort and cushioning thanks to the padded upper and thick foam midsole.


Karhu is a Finnish sports brand that goes under the radar in terms of hype but is actually well-respected in the sneaker world. Founded in 1916, Karhu is known for its wide range of running trainers and apparel. Karhu’s history even involves one of the top sports brands we have today. The three stripes that adidas uses now actually originated from the Finnish brand.


More than a hundred years later, Karhu has its own identity and continues to release a wide range of sneaker and apparel collections.


In the 90s, Karhu introduced the Aria, an old-school running trainer. The shoe boasted two notable innovations for the brand and in running shoes: first is the internal carbon fibre fulcrum for better transition and support, then the mono tongue upper construction for all-day comfort.


The Karhua Aria still remains in the brand’s footwear catalogue under the Aria 95 label.


Aside from the fulcrum sole and the Lycra mono tongue on the upper, the Aria 95 features various kinds of mesh. The forefoot sports a breathable mesh, while the sides and the heel bring square mesh panels for a lightweight ride.


Suede overlays and reflective synthetic textiles reinforce the rest of the body.


The Karhu Aria 95 “Curry/Golden Palm” combines vibrant hues of white, silver, yellow, blue, and wheat for a premium touch. White speckles grace the midsole for extra detail.


This special colourway also has a unique “All-Around” sockliner with digitized effects.


Released September 2021, the Karhu Aria 95 is a pair you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Check it out now on the Karhu website.


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