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Drop Date: 20/10/2023

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Style: adidas

RRP: £ 180

Colourway: Red/Blue/Black

Style Code: IG5342

Get ready to be amazed by the Marvel x adidas Ultra 4D “Spider-Man 2” IG5342. It’s a stunning result of a fantastic collaboration between Adidas, the iconic Marvel universe, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and the creative minds at Insomniac Games. This sneaker collection is a true masterpiece.


Inspired by the thrilling Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 video game, the adidas Peter Parker Advanced Suit and Venom collection takes you on an exciting journey. It perfectly captures the moment when Peter Parker’s Advanced Suit is taken over by the irresistible Venom symbiote, creating a mix of excitement and dark allure.


Don’t miss the small details, like the Spider-Man logos on the PRIMEKNIT upper, a nod to the web-slinger’s iconic look. But the real standout feature is the Black 3D-printed outsoles with adidas’ innovative 4D technology. They not only provide exceptional comfort but also capture the essence of the Venom symbiote’s takeover with their intricate lattice design.


The Marvel x adidas Ultra 4D “Spider-Man 2” IG5342 is more than just a sneaker collection; it’s a work of art. It brings together the worlds of fashion, athleticism, and pop culture, showcasing the magic that happens when creative forces unite in the ever-evolving worlds of sports and entertainment.



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